Silk Road

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  • The Silk Road

    During the Han Dynasty of China, the Silk Road was an established system of multiple routes, well-known for connecting the regions of the ancient world in trade. Despite the name, the Silk Road was not one singular route – in fact, it linked China, Japan, Persia, India, Arabia and Europe. During the Han Dynasty, emperor Wu sent one of his men to seek the help of neighboring nomadic tribes in attempt to band together to fend off the Xiongnu. It was on this journey that the emissary came across descendants of Alexander the Great’s army who, with their horses, would be a worthy ally in the emperor’s fight. This mission to find men to fight was the first exposure that the Chinese had had with the western world. After this event took place the Chinese…

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  • The Silk Road And The Socialization Of The Silk Road In Eurasia

    The Silk Road is the most well-know trading route in Eurasia that mixed products and religions across a wide range of cultures and people. Around the first century BCE many trade routes stretching from China to Central Asia merged into one large interconnected route. It allowed other countries to experience new things from different cultures. The Silk Road was the major route of the new wave of religion. It opened long-distance economic relations between civilizations. The silk road did not…

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  • The Silk Road Case

    Short Write up on Silk Road Silk Road was an online black market for selling and buying of illegal products. They used to trade drugs and transact through bitcoin currency. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which uses encryption and the transactions are undetectable. There was involvement of large transactions of money and the unfair means of selling and buying of drugs and other banned substances were done. This platform provided a safe house for criminals to trade drugs. Silk Road was…

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  • Rise Of The Silk Road

    Many will argue that the Silk Road was fueled by the simple economic principles of supply and demand. And in part, this claim is true. But more accurately, the Silk Road depended on humankind’s intrinsic desire for connection and relationships. Surely to start people solely coveted rare and valuable goods from distant lands, but amid times of chaos, peace could be found in the market places, the booming trade cities, and the monasteries along the Silk Road. Bonds were forged along this route,…

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  • Silk Road History

    even culture. The Silk Road is a prime example of trading that involved more than just silk, as its name may suggest. The Silk road was an ancient network of trade routes that spanned from China to the Mediterranean and also branched off into different regions of Eurasia. All of the trading done through this system played a tremendous role in developing cities…

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  • Impact Of The Silk Road

    The Silk Road, one of the largest and most influential trade routes in the world, has had a massive effect on not only china but a large portion of the world. It stretched from china through to India, Persia, Arabia and Europe and operated from around 114 BCE to 1450 CE. Not only material goods were exchanged, as religions, philosophies, technology and diseases were traded during the length of the Silk Road’s operation. This enormous trade route opened up opportunities for technology, as…

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  • Silk Roads Dbq

    The Silk Road from 200 B.C.E. to 1450 C.E. served an extremely important role for the economics of Asia and Europe because it connected empires from the east to the west. While the trade first created for the purpose of trading between Romans Empires and Han Dynasty. Over time, the Silk Road expanded from trading purpose to the spreading of cultures, religions, technology, and as well as epidemic diseases such as the Bubonic Plague. However, goods, and merchants were still traveled along the…

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  • The Evolution Of The Silk Road Confucianism

    Life wouldn't be the same without the silk road.The Silk Road evolved the way of trade of goods, services, and ideas.The Silk Road evolved the way of trade of goods, services, and ideas. In Document A it states “From China:” and it lists many goods, but then it also states …”Confucianism”. The Chinese would trade a book or pages on the subject of Confucianism.The document of Confucianism kept changing many civilizations in Eurasia. They traded this idea in document over the silk road which…

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  • The Silk Road In Ancient China

    Without a doubt the most impactful geographical factor of ancient China is the development of the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a trade route opened during the Han Dynasty after a soldier traveled along the road for the purpose of breeding Chinese army’s horses with the horses of the Duyuan, who were descendants of Alexander the Great. When the soldier reported back to the emperor about the other civilizations he had come across in his travels and speculation about what else could be gained from…

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  • Silk Road Case Study

    The Silk Road - named for its main export, silk – was, in fact, a series of routes that revolutionised trade in the ancient world. Established in the 2nd century BC, the road connected almost every major ancient super power (Jenkins, 2012) (Mark, 2014). This expansion of intercontinental trade and travel brought about by The Silk Road significantly impacted Asian societies. The adoption of Buddhism in China and economic growth of towns along the route exemplify such change. The Silk Road was…

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