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  • Disadvantages Of Google

    The article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr is discuss about how Google changing him in different ways. Carr used his own experience to help the reader to understand the article and also support his agreement. In the article, Carr mention that he spending a lot of time online such as Google. Spend time on Google may have some disadvantages, for example, it makes him cannot focus on long lengthy articles. In Carr’s article he also list a lot of examples and details that is about the difference between now and the past based on using Google and how Google change him. But I think Google can have both disadvantageous and advantageous; in fact, technology makes our life easier in many different ways but it has also changed our thinking. I think the author make a clear thesis statement in the article, and I agree with Carr’s statement that google is making us stupid. Nicholas Carr is the author of the acclaimed book The Glass Cage: How Our Computer Are Changing Us. He writes about the technology and culture, but most of his articles are talking about the influence of technology. At the beginning of Carr’s article, he mentions, “I am not thinking the way I used to think. I can feel it most strongly when I’m reading. Immersing myself in a book or a lengthy used to be easy”(Carr). He also explains why his concentration will start to drift after a few pages, it shows the readers that when he is on the computer he could get the information very fast and skip the pages.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Nature Of Death

    Death Death is arguably the most cryptic topic that a person can ponder about; a phenomenon that science will probably never be able to explain, knowing that if a person has experienced death, they’ll never have their soul returned to them. Due to that fact that humanity will probably never know what the true answer is, one cannot help but ponder about what happens to our spirit after it leaves our body. That is exactly what Lucretius and Marcus Aurelius do in On the Nature of Things and…

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  • Malcom X: The Transformation Of Malcolm X

    Malcolm X believed that experiences in one’s life contribute to their personality . Within his own life he experienced the good and the bad elements of society and allowed these experiences to shape who he became. The transformation of Malcolm Little into Malcolm X can be said to have occurred due to events that lead to dramatic change in his life. Violent discrimination against his family, the loss of his parents at a young age, the life he leads in Boston and Harlem, and his time in prison all…

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  • Marcus Garvey: A Social Activist

    Marcus Garvey was a social activist, who strived to make a difference for black futures. His philosophies supported the idea of how blacks should depend on themselves for the re-shaping of their futures. The white supremacist who placed unjustly laws, and everlasting struggles on blacks, would not contribute to blacks having an equal life. On a long conquest of protesting the awareness black identification, Garvey was faced with unwelcoming shortcomings as he protested his opposition of white…

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  • Malcolm X Assassination Analysis

    him the platform to elevate black people in America. How do you go from that to being responsible for his death? I believe that there were a many factors that lead to his death. But the main factor was feelings of betrayal on the part of the Nation of Islam. These feelings escalated and lead to his assassination. I don’t want to retail the life of Malcolm X in this essay. But I must highlight some of his life experiences to get my point across. Malcolm X was born Malcolm little to Louise and…

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  • Hercules Movie Analysis

    that simple for Maximus. The Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius sits on his passing quaint little inn that he might want Maximus to guarantee that Rome comes back to open run the show. This implies taking impermanent control of the Empire until the Roman Senate can make some kind of breakthrough enough to assume control. Maximus at first cannot, in any case consents to employ the power when the sovereign passes on. . The Emperor then enlightens his real child Commodus…

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  • Historical Accuracy Of The Movie Gladiator

    Russell Crowe. In the movie, Maximus is constantly portrayed as a warrior with a big heart, courage, bravery, and honor as he serves his country of Rome. He is respected by the roman people and is especially liked by the Emperor himself, Marcus Aurelius. The general Maximus leads the Roman army to victory as they defeat the Germans in the opening scene of the movie. After a prosperous march through Germany, Maximus meet with the emperor Marcus Aurelius. Emperor Marcus Aurelius tells the general…

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  • On Getting Out Of Bed Analysis

    The Struggle of Becoming an Adult: Marcus Aurelius’ “On Getting Out of Be Marcus Aurelius wrote “On Getting out of Bed” from his book “Meditations”. This piece is a an effective motivational strategy that cues memories of receiving support and encouragement towards others. Basically, Aurelius reminds us that life isn’t just about feeling good or wasting time being inattentive. As a human we were made to experience different things. Nature demands that we must contribute something to this…

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  • Malcolm X Biography

    Malcolm X had a complicated and difficult early life. Later in his life known as Malcolm X, Malcolm Little was born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the fourth out of eight children of Earl and Louis Norton Little. Before Malcolm was born his father had 3 children from a previous marriage as well as 3 children with Malcolm's mother. When Malcolm was born, his mother was a homemaker and his father was a Baptist minister and a supporter of the Black National leader, Marcus Garvey.…

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  • Summary Of Malcolm X: A Life Of Reinvention

    victims of racist lynching in Georgia, almost as high as the lynching in Mississippi. During the great migration, the southern states still held onto white supremacist views and African American folks had little opportunities to advance in life. Thus, resulting in mass migration of African American people moving towards northern states in search for a better life. Earl Little Sr. ended up in Montreal, where he met Malcolm’s mother Louisa Langdon Norton. Louisa with her fair complexion could be…

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