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  • Genghis Khan's Influence On Mongolia

    This individual rose from turmoil and united different clans for a common purpose. Seen as a barbarian, but is a peace maker in the oddest of ways. Genghis Khan, the leader of the Mongols is famous for pillaging, destroying, and raping of towns who do not bow to his people. Genghis Khan may be known for his terror, but it is under his leadership that the world in the fourteenth century drastically changes. Under him a period of Pax Mongolia arose, there is a revival in land route trading, and Russia became what it is today. Pax Mongolia is translated into a time of peace under Mongol control. Despite the fact that they raided and pillaged areas for amusement the vast Mongol Empire was entirely safe. Under Genghis Khan it was said that an individual can walk with a basket of gold from one end to the other and still have his gold intact. When it came to ruling the Mongols were far from harsh. If anything the Mongols were very lenient in terms of…

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  • Mongolia Research Paper

    Mongolia is a country in East Asia surrounded by China and Russia best known for its steppes and endless expanses of grasslands. The prairie regions of Mongolia can surely give you a sense of serenity and help you in the rejuvenation of your soul when you take a trip to the country. The natural landscape of Mongolia is phenomenal and incredible. Mongolia can easily please your mind and heart if you are a nature lover. People from all across the world come on trips to Mongolia. Mongolia is a…

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  • Economic Globalization And The Growth Of FDI In Mongolia

    has been happening with regards to FDI in Mongolia since 2005. It analysis a recent trend in FDI in Mongolia and its causes of change. Also it investigates who gained and lost from the change in the FDI and private sectors during the last decade. Mongolia is a landlocked country in central Asia, bordered by Russia and China, with land area of about 1.6 million…

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  • The Pax Romana, Paax Sinica, And Vax Mongolia

    The Pax Romana, Pax Sinica, and Pax Mongolia were three method applied by three different empires in order to bring years of peace among themselves. These lasted many years, and seemed to be quite effective. These were all considered the high points of each empire. Each order had its differences though, even though the outcome was the same. The Pax Romana was a 200 year period, ranging from 27-180 AD, of peace in Rome, beginning during the reign of Augustus Caesar. This is known as the time…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Pax Mongolia

    Throughout the Post Classical era (600 C.E - 1450 C.E), there were several powerful conquests and religious influences across Eurasia. Historical terms such as Pax Mongolica and Dar al-Islam refer to two of the most influential groups in the Post Classical Era, the Mongols and the Islams. Reasonable minds will differ, but I think the most important and influential development during the Post Classical Era was Pax Mongolica. This condensed essay will provide persuasive evidence from many sources…

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  • Abortion In Mongolia

    Should abortion be legal in Mongolia? Abortion is the process of ending a fertility when women wants. Why do people choose misbirth? Not only adult but also adolescent abort their unborn babies. There might be complicated reasons including an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy or rape for choosing the feticide. There are two types of ending of a pregnancy either surgical or medical abortion. The surgical method is pulling the baby from the vaginal canal by using large toothed grasping clamp.…

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  • Corruption And Corruption In Mongolia

    Mongolia is a country that is rich in natural resources such as gold, copper, coal, uranium and oil. This makes the mining sector of great importance to their national economy. In 2010, Mongolia’s mining sector made up 25% of the GDP in 2010. Then Mongolia’s mining sector is a key driver of growth in the country (World Bank: 2015). Therefore, ending corruption in Mongolia’s mining sector could lead to more efficient use of natural resources, and eventually facilitate the redistribution of…

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  • Poverty In Mongolia Essay

    measure of broad base and general standard of living. Mongolia is one of pre-industrial economic nation which has experienced a drastic change in its economy as its GDP…

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  • Genghis Khan Book Report

    words may come to mind: destruction, relentless, blood thirsty barbarian. Though throughout the years the image of Genghis Khan has been refurbished quite a bit. Naturally, in Mongolia, Khan has always held a worthy reputation for the obvious fact that without Genghis Khan there would be no Mongolia. The author, Jack Weatherford, writes in real captivating style. By mixing some narrative with analysis, this is an effective way to keep the reader interested. This is possibly why Genghis Khan…

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  • Hulagu Khan's Leadership

    Leaving their home country of Mongolia, an army led by the great Hulagu. The decedent of the once great ruler; Genghis Khan. He was sent after the execution of the Genghis. Hulagu was able to carefully plan out a route to the Saudi Arabian city. But how was he able to gain control of Baghdad? As a military leader, Hulagu Khan was a vicious leader. By any means necessary. Asking for the submission of the Caliph, the Mongolian army converged on the city, just to defeat them in the winter of 1258.…

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