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  • Fresh Film Analysis

    In Fresh, the movie pointed out the risks of GMOs, monocultures, and urban farming, and in Farmland, the movie directed attention to the importance of supporting local farmers. As Pollan wrote in the New York Times Magazine, people should live healthier by going to the farmer’s market and eating organic (Pollan, 2007). The local food movement correlates most closely with the movies, as eating locally-sourced food would promote small farms. While Fresh and Farmland may not have discussed the consumer end of the food industry, Pollan’s suggestions for healthy living benefits both consumers and farmers. Consumers would benefit, as organic food is supposed to be healthier for consumers and the environment. Local farmers would love if Pollan’s guidelines were followed as they would have stronger consumer…

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  • What Are Monocultures?

    4 Monocultures 4.1 Development of monocultures Many studies have identified that majority of the world plantations are monocultures, consisting of a small number of common and widespread tree genera, such as Eucalyptus, Pinus, Acacia, Tectona, Picea, Pseudotsuga, Swietenia and Gmelina (Kelty, 2006; Piotto, 2008; Richards et al., 2010; Alem et al., 2015). Monocultures have been developed for a long time. According to Nichols et al. (2006), the earliest recorded monoculture dated back to 1368,…

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  • Monoculture Research Paper

    In modern agriculture, monoculture (planting a single crop on the same piece of land annually) is a fairly common practice for industrial purposes. It enables farmers to save money and their crops produce more food, making the monocultural system more efficient and desirable. Although the short-term effects of monoculture can be beneficial for farmers, the long term effects can be devastating. Monoculture harms the soil and its local ecosystem, especially insect life. The lack of plant variety…

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  • Monocultures: The Botany Of Desire By Michael Polla

    Monocultures are when only a single type of crop is being cultivated in a single area. Monocultures have become the norm in the United States and many other parts of the world. At the start of this semester I did not think having a lot of one single crop was a bad idea. Having a few types of delicious apples and the same bananas at the store every day made me feel comfortable. I knew exactly what I was getting every time I went to the store. No mass difference between types of fruits and…

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  • Death By Monoculture By Stephen Leonard Analysis

    Introduction: When thinking about learning a foreign language people always think of the mainstream languages, French, Spanish, German, but what about Greenlandic? “Death by Monoculture” by Stephen Pax Leonard is about how globalization and consumerism is slowly getting rid of some cultures and languages. However according to Leonard the internet might help save these cultures and languages. This article was effective because it was understandable and to the point, Leonard did not go off on…

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  • Shiroodi Case Study

    on weeds In overall, the total density of weeds grown in genetically diversified wheat plots was significantly (P ≤ 0.01) lower than that in the monocultures (Figure 2). Weeds grown under monocultures of Shiroodi and ERWYT 91-11 showed the highest density, 33.33 and 30.17 plant m-2 respectively. However, the lowest weed density, 18.67 plant m-2, was observed where these two genetically diversified cultivar/line grew together in a mixture (Figure 2). These were a reduction of 44 % and 38 %…

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  • The Second Machine Age

    brains were pensioned off in the lieu of cold electronic chips. With jaws dropped, palms sweating, and eyes vacuously staring in the looming future, it becomes important to save the future employment ship from an inevitable crash. In this essay, I will put forth the crucial qualities that employees should possess to be successful. The modern technological age has placed employees and machines in one competing pool. Therefore, to be competitive, employees must acquire skills that set them apart…

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  • Rhizospheric Diazotroph Case Study

    of the soil properties and rhizospheric diazotrophs. Previous studies have investigated that soil microbial diversity, soil enzyme activities and crop yield could be affected by land management practices and all these soil properties were increased under intercropping systems than monoculture (Yang et al. 2013; Li et al. 2015b; Wang et al. 2014; Zou et al. 2011). Moreover, our previous study also discussed that soil biochemical and enzymes have direct effect by intercropping system…

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  • Environmental Benefits Of Organic Farming

    There is typically a high cost and risk associated with organic farming due to its reliance on natural fertility. The lack of synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and pesticides tend to cause the crop yields of organic farms to be significantly lower than those of industrial farms. Monoculture farms have approximately 6 to 72% greater harvest yields than organic farms (sustainability). Alongside having lower crop yields, organic farms also need more land in order to produce the same…

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  • Honey Beekeepers Research Paper

    These two fields were in the same area that produced the same crop. Two 500-square feet of monoculture fields were required for this experiment because there are two different conditions under one independent variable. The independent variable is the presence of native vegetation hedgerows. In Field 1, there will be no native vegetation hedgerows and in Field 2, there will be native vegetation. The hedgerows will surround Field 2 in hopes of drawing in honeybees to the area and consequently…

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