Inner Mongolia

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  • Mongolian And Han Architecture

    connected world, the cultural communication between countries and regions has been intensified, but some of them have lost their own identity. Globalization and political tactics have benefited economic development and stabilized regions but in the long run, the disadvantages overweigh advantages. Globalization and the political strategy have made their unique design more homogenous and naturally impacted its development in the present and future. It is vital that the conflict and connection have continuously coexisted in diverse cultures and anywhere. Due to their mutualism, design in different cultures becomes kaleidoscopic. Stimulated by culture assimilation in Inner Mongolia, this research addresses how modernism…

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  • Ghost City Research Paper

    These cities help boost China 's economy in the short term, but now China 's economy is slowing down and the debt is piling up. China states that by 2020 a lot of these cities will be filled. Many local business owners hope that people will flood into these cities, because their business depends on it, but the Chinese just can not afford it. To build these cities China gave 18,452 households eviction notices, and 270 factories had to move. All these people kicked out onto the streets for…

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  • Chinese Landscape Painting Analysis

    Over, the course of this class we have watched how Chinese art has changed throughout history. We first witnessed the bronze ritual vessels of the Shang and Zhou Dynasty. Then we examined the different Hu’s of the Han Dynasty. We also watched the progression of Buddhist sculptures in the 3rd and 4th century. With the course ending we see the collapse of the Tang Dynasty in the 10th century, and the emergence of Chinese Landscape painting. The past couple weeks, we were introduced to a variety of…

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  • Gold In The Ancient Chinese Dynasties Essay

    Gold In the ancient Chinese dynasties has been represented in different material. Before the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC- 403BC). Gold often was represented bronze, which was the dominate and widespread material other than iron. Ancient people did not understand so much about gold, and also the limited availability of gold. Precious metal gold was not utilized regularly until a few dynasties later. However, After the Warring States Period (403BC- 221BC). People started to consider in which…

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  • Religious And Social Causes And Continuities In Confucianism In China

    China saw significant religious and social changes and continuities from 1200 to 1750 C.E. Confucianism continued to be a religion practiced by many Chinese citizens. However, as the period continued, the practice of Confucianism became far more popular. Socially, the emphasis on family in China maintained its importance in society. Nonetheless, as the period continued, the subordination of women within these families increased in severity. From 1200 to 1750 C.E., Confucianism continued to be…

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  • Mongolian Culture

    Mongols refused to learn Chinese language so consequently there was a disruption in communication. Especially when Chinese officials were selected under examination, and communication between upper and lower levels of government was done through translators. While Kublai and his sons were highly successful emperors, later emperors became powerless. Yuan became known as the shortest lived of major dynasties lasting only from 1264 to 1368, a mere hundred years. The Yuan was overthrown by a…

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  • Ibn Taymiyya

    Introduction Imam Taymiyya was at the receiving end of the animosity and skepticism of many of his contemporaries and thinkers who succeeded him. Despite this, the one thing that can unanimously be agreed on is that if nothing else Imam Taymiyya's political thought was indubitably powerful and potent. Imam Taymiyya lived in times that were tumultuous for Muslims as a result of the Mongol invasion and their brutal annihilation of Baghdad, followed by Hulagu Khan putting to death the final…

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  • Genghis Khan Outline

    Task 1 Prepare a Historical outline the life and times of Genghis Khan – i.e. present a brief history of his life and achievements and how such was managed. (10 marks) My Work In the year 1162 Temujin, named after a ruler his father had captured and killed, was born with a blood clot in his right hand. This foretold he would be a great leader. This turned out to be true as he was a great leader. He ended up being Genghis Khan. At the age of nine he received news that would change him for ever.…

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  • Status Of Tibet: The Roof Of The World

    I: Status of Tibet in the past or Historical Perspective Tibet is the highest plateau in the world. It is popularly known as ‘The Roof of the World’. It has been an independent state for centuries. Tibetans are distinct from the Chinese geographically, historically, culturally and ethnically. A long history of rule of its own kings and the rule of Dalai Lamas later (commencing with third Dalai Lama,) made politically supreme by the Mongol King, Altan Khan. He also offered the title “Dalai Lama”…

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  • Golden Eagles Analysis

    The Golden Eagles of Scotland (1) The golden eagle is the largest and arguably the most impressive of British birds. In the first sentence, we have the adjunct arguably. In case of adjunct arguably we can apply the criteria of deletion. According to this criterion the adjunct can be deleted without any influence on the grammar of the sentence, consider the example: (1)*The golden eagle is the largest and the most impressive of British birds. We also have the complement the largest and the most…

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