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  • Instaggram Vs Facebook

    their differences . Let me explain Facebook was founded February 4, 2004, by former college student Mark Zuckerberg. The social site was once a site for college students to interact and communicate with other college students, but somehow evolved and now has a total of 1.44 billion active users around the world. I myself have a Facebook account, as well. Using Facebook, after logging in, you have a news feed that shows you everyone who 's online, friends ' photos, statuses on what 's on their minds, and check -ins if they 're out on the town or on romantic dates. There 's a search bar in the righthand corner that you can use to find long lost friends and relatives who’s are also on Facebook. By typing in someone’s first and last names if you know them makes it easy to find that person you 've been looking for or you just want to add to your friends list. Facebook, to me, is a social site for families and friends to connect if you 're not around each other pretty often. I like to call it the grown and sexy book since it 's more calm and collected. Business wise, Facebook is good for promoting. You 're able to make a personal page and a business page as well. The other day, while I was out eating lunch, a gentleman walked up to me and gave me his business card for an online boutique he just opened, and on the card was the line “Like us on Facebook.” So yes, he was promoting with business cards, as well as Facebook, where you can actually see what the boutique has…

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  • Ghost City Research Paper

    When large numbers of people move into an area, they need to be provided for. They are going to need public services like healthcare, and education. Therefore, there is often a period of time between when cities appear completed and when they are actually prepared to sustain a population. This could be called the “Ghost City” phase. There has been a city in which was originally in the same position as many of these ghost cities, but in 10 years was a boom town, with lots of business, government…

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  • Purinex Case Study

    possibilities to do: 1- Venture capital round, 2- Wait six months, and 3- Angel round. Venture capital round: Harpaz thought it may take approximately three months to ensure 10 million from VC Company, and this company would provide a permoney evolution of 15 million. The VC would likely to finance with a large number of restrictions. On the other hand, if the company wait six months either for diabetes or sepsis, the deal might survive. This may give the company to complete control and it…

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  • Facebook: Success And Project Success: Facebook

    2. Trial and error Big technology companies like Google , like to boast that innovation is part of their DNA and rather try and error many times as necessary to conform to the success achieved. Facebook follows the same philosophy when considering the number of projects and launched products , however , have not had the expected acceptance by the public. 3. To grow In ten years, Facebook has gone from a restricted page the students to a site with 1.2 billion users worldwide , 750 million of…

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  • Essay On Why America Should Be Abolished

    they are at it they should raise the minimum wage to a living wage which would be around $28/hour if wages kept up with inflation. The government should make it required that all jobs have at least a month of off time and a three month emergency leave plan. The public health and security of America is an easily fixed problem if the government would work on it. First they need to raise the food inspection frequency and then they need to raise the mandatory quality of the food that gets…

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  • Why Do Athletes Get Overpaid

    realize that it is unnecessary? Franchise owners have found it in their power to categorize athletes resulting in huge salary gaps between teammates. Any player who is out on that court or field or anything else, playing the same sport as the person to their right or left, deserves to receive back the same amount as all of them. A recent Forbes article has show as Cristiano Ronaldo as the highest paid athlete in the world and it states “salary/winning: 56 million, endorsements: 32 million”…

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  • Develop A Social Media Strategy

    Developing a social media strategy isn 't exactly a task for the faint of heart. It takes research, time, and effort to craft an effective approach. And with the number of variables you face in the process, one successful campaign doesn 't automatically translate to future success. One of the biggest issues I run into is the difference between a social media strategy, and a social media outreach strategy, so I decided to clear up confusion. Outreach should be factored into your overall social…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Gold Standard?

    There are always pros and cons to every system no matter which direction you may look at it. Both the idea of having the gold standard and not having our money backed by anything are two very shaky and solid ideas. The current system has no backing of any kind so prices are slanted more toward the government’s whim. This can make the economy more flexible in a hard pinch by just printing more money. The gold standard gives our money more solidarity because there is only so much gold in the world…

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  • European Refugee Crisis Research Paper

    always be an issue. It also needs to be noted that the violence isn’t one sided. Anyways why does any of this matter, they don’t belong here, why should we take them in? This is the argument that probably makes me the maddest out of anything else. Why should we take them in? Because they are human, because they have rights. We like to view them in big numbers because it seems, cold and distance and almost comforting, the problem seems so big that we can’t do anything. It is easy to judge…

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  • EHR In Healthcare: A Case Study

    Adopting the use of the EHR is very easy, but the continued use of the systems has presented a significant challenge to the physicians. Although the number of participants increased significantly in 2012, it is notable that the largest number of physicians who had participated in 2011 did not take part in 2012 (Watcher, 2014). There are penalties that reduce reimbursements especially among the nonparticipants. However, it is noted that these penalties are not effective in promoting adoption…

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