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  • Living Under Circe's Spell

    the short essays “On Being a Cripple,” by Nancy Mairs, and “Living Under Circe’s Spell,” by Matthew Soyster, two different authors expose what their life was like after being diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis). The first essay is a piece that discusses years of dealing with this chronic degenerative disease, reflecting on what it has taught the author, how it has made her a better person, and also talks a lot about how society should treat the disabled as normal people. The second is a much shorter narrative where the author talks about his briefer experience with MS and the immediate emotions felt when he first faced challenges of the disease that ruined the course his future had been set on, focusing mainly on himself rather than the broad perspective of society. Both of these stories incorporate specific tone to make their stories more interesting and drive their opinions on how disabled people should be viewed. Using tone is one of the easiest ways an author can portray how they feel about a subject aside from flat out stating it. Both Mairs and Soyster successfully do this in their stories, but with different tones about the same topic. Mairs was never into sports or had big plans for the future that depended on being able to be active, so, “[she is] lucky that [her] predilections were already solitary, sedentary, and bookish,” except she can no longer return to a full-time job, “but [she has] enjoyed [her] studies,” (2). Mairs illustrates this quote with an…

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  • We Re The Superhumans Analysis

    The Concept of “Normal” Varies from Each Individual When the concept of “normal” features in the media, the divide between disability and normality is often discussed. Preconceived notions are then established, claiming that disability is undesirable and a lack. However, Channel 4’s trailer “We’re the Superhumans” and Nancy Mairs’ Waist-High in the World: A Life Among the Nondisabled challenges those beliefs. In the Paralympics trailer, each individual’s talents and capabilities are the main…

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  • Neat People Vs Sloppy People Essay

    change my thought process. At this dinner, I happened to speak with an influential man that said, “Not everyone can do science, so if you are good at it, then you should stick with it.” …This is an educated man… How could I argue with his point? How do I choose between the greater good and monetary worth? The apex of my situation happened on a Tuesday afternoon. The most important piece of writing for me from this class was “On Being a Cripple.” I was balling after reading this. I have, and…

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  • Nancy Mairs Disability Analysis

    The Wrong Depiction of Disability In Nancy Mairs essay entitled “Disabilities”, she explains many of the complications that disabled people face because of the depiction that is shown of them in the media. Nancy Mairs is a disabled person herself, suffering from multiple sclerosis. In the essay, Nancy Mairs shows how disabled people are constantly excluded from the rest of society, especially from the media. Throughout the essay, Mairs uses personal experience to describe the daily struggles…

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  • Nancy Mairs On Being A Cripple

    The story “On Being a Cripple” by Nancy Mairs demonstrates how Mairs did not give up and tried her best to live a normal life even though she had a serious disease called Multiple Sclerosis. In the story, she often describes herself as “Crippled”. Mairs can perform many activities like writing, teaching, speaking publicly about MS and depression. Throughout the article she discusses how she had developed the MS and how this disease affected her. She explains how she accepted all the losses she…

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  • Nancy Mairs On Being A Cripple Analysis

    Nancy Mairs, in her nonfiction essay, “On Being a Cripple,” (1986) coveys her perpetual struggle in “getting the hang of” her debilitating condition—Multiple Sclerosis. Though her view of her condition is turbulent, Mairs acknowledges one constant truth—that she is plainly a “cripple”. Mairs’ utilization of this motif “squarely” elucidates survival amongst inexorable forces. Mairs’ purpose is to identify and generalize her condition in order to express the complexity of its duality, ultimately…

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  • Analysis Of On Being A Crippled By Nancy Mairs

    n the piece "On Being a Crippled" written by Nancy Mairs, she discusses her personal experience with recently becoming crippled and the journey she has travelled through to learn to fully accept herself. Mairs utilizes an assertive yet sarcastic tone to get her point clearly across. She uses the derogatory word "crippled" to best describe her new situation which could be seen as peculiar to both abled and disabled people. Nancy Mairs starts her composition off direct, indicating to the reader…

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  • Analysis Of Nancy Mairs 'On Being A Cripple'

    we can suggest to keep an open mind, when Cancer and Multiple sclerosis change our perspective on how we see illness. The Cancer Journal by Audre Lorde reflects on how a woman who loses her breast still believes that she is a warrior. Likewise, a famous feminist, Nancy Mairs, author of “On Being a Cripple” is a woman who calls herself “a cripple” by making fun of herself instead of having others do it for her. The way people see themselves is how the world beholds them. Thus, Lorde and Mairs…

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  • Nancy Mairs I Am A Cripple Analysis

    In this passage, Nancy Mairs presents herself as a cripple. She proudly does so throughout the whole passage explaining how “handicapped” or “disabled” are not words that fits her. She expresses opinions through her tone in the passage, making her sound straightforward. She also recognizes that this world is not ready to accept such term or idea. She is proudly expressing herself throughout this whole passage. Mairs first words read “I am a cripple.” This shows her integrity and honesty; her…

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  • Nancy Mairs On Being A Cripple Summary

    Reading Response In the article ‘’On Being A Cripple’’, by Nancy Mair’s is about Nancy who struggles with MS, she implies on how her life changed with her diagnoses, and how she learned to cope with her disease. My response to this article was a interesting. I noticed that she hated living with MS at first, because she wasn’t born with it, then she realized that this who she is, she accepted it. For example my cousin who is 3 months younger than me, has a disability. we don’t know what…

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