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  • Spectrophotometer Lab Report

    Discussion/Scientific Explanation: In order to successfully analyze colas, one must become familiar with a Spectrophotometer 20. In order to do this, one must figure out determine the relationship between the wavelength of light absorbed and the color of a compound. Next, one must determine a way to relate the amount of light absorbed with the concentration of the solution. After gaining knowledge about these two parts of the lab, one will be able to determine how a Spectrophotometer 20 can be helpful in determining the concentration of phosphate in colas.3 A spectrophotometer is used to obtain measurements of the amount of light that passes through a object and to measure the amount of light absorbed by a certain material. In order to do this, it is important for one to learn about a spectrophotometer. To use a spec 20, one must plug it in and allow it to heat up for a few minutes. Next, one must enter the desired wavelength and insert a blank cuvette filled with distilled water into the cell compartment.3 For Week 1, five cuvettes were given and were filled with the following: water, red food coloring, green food coloring, a mixture of red and green food coloring, and potassium permanganate. Each material was diluted with water and placed in a separate cuvette so that the spectrophotometer could accurately reveal the absorbance. The cuvette that was filled with water was used as a blank to zero out the spectrophotometer. Each cuvette was then inserted into the…

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  • Tin Dioxide Essay

    The scientific investigation of colloid sand their properties was reported by Faraday (1857) in his experiments with gold. He used the term “divided metals” to describe the material which he produced. Zsigmondy (1905)describes the formation of a red gold sol which is now understood to comprise particles in the 10 nm size range. Throughout the last century the field of colloid science has developed enormously and has been used to produce many materials including metals, oxides, organic sand…

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  • Moore's Law Essay

    century 70 's and 80 's, with HP personal computers, Apple II computers and IBM PC and other consumer products. The industry requirements of the chip is getting higher and higher, the processing become smaller and smaller, Moore 's predicted began to come true. ARGUMENT: Not for much longer, the growth rate has been shaken. The faster the chip is, the smaller the chip will be. The smaller the chip transfer the shorter the distance. More and more circuits to be put into a smaller space, it is…

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  • Comparing The Colour Of Sound Of Praise And Worship

    colour. Firstly, it is important to say that there are laws governing the world of colour. Colour plays a huge part in our everyday life. If you stop reading right now and just look around, you will see that there is colour everywhere! Is this something that you have taken for granted? Did you know that colour is primarily activated by light? A white light is composed of various colours, which is also called the spectrum. I would not profess to be a scientist but from research it is said that…

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  • Light As Pesticide Essay

    fight insect-borne diseases and they also help to increase food production. Although pests have numerous benefits they also have few drawbacks such as possible toxicity to humans and other species. What is light? Light is the electromagnetic radiation which is responsible for the sense of vision and sight. This electromagnetic radiation is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Primary properties of visible light are intensity, propagation direction, frequency or wavelength spectrum, and…

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  • Star And Sun Research Paper

    another - Infrared waves is invisible to the human eyes, the best way we can see or feel it is through the source of fire; heat or thermal radiation - The source of heat is what we see almost every day like the sun, a fire, or walking on a warm sidewalk is all considered infrared waves - An object that temperature is over 5 degrees Kelvin emits off infrared radiation, the warmer the object is, the more infrared heat it emits - For example, an average human body temperature radiates a wavelength…

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  • The Kepler Spacecraft: The Huble Space Telescope

    can be rotated every eighty days or so to observe a different field. At the base of this technology is a “0.95-m aperture Schmidt telescope” (“Characteristics of the Kepler Space Telescope”, n.d.), allowing it to capture very high-resolution images using camera-like apparatus. It contains twenty-one modules, each of them covering five square degrees of vision, and resulting in twenty-one “images” of the field. Unfortunately, as of August 2016, three of those modules are no longer working. It is…

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  • Applications Of Nanotechnology

    visible. They are potentially used in laptops and cell phones useful in the display screen. These wires replace the traditional wires (Science). b) AFM and STM The electronic devices AFM ( Atomic Force Microscope ) and STM (Scanning Tunnelling Microscope are made up of nano-particles which provide detailed images of molecular and atomic structures. In AFM, the use of the needle on the surface of a non-conducting materials and translating those motions on a computer screen as in form of…

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  • Coronary Angioplasty Case Study

    with coronary angioplasty [9]. They are being treated with this procedure as opposed to coronary artery bypass grafting, which is a more complex operation. Percutaneous coronary intervention is much simpler, cheaper and faster and requires only a few days at hospital [1]. This is a relatively newer technique compared to CABG [9]. Using stents for coronary angioplasty is also a minimally invasive operation and does not require major incisions [2]. Coronary angioplasty is an ever developing…

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  • Pervasive Computing And Ubiquitous Computing

    COMPUTING Mark Weiser proposed three basic forms for ubiquitous system devices: tabs, pads and boards. a. Tabs: wearable centimetre sized devices b. Pads: hand-held decimetre-sized devices c. Boards: metre sized interactive display devices. These three forms proposed by Weiser are characterized by being macro-sized, having a planar form and on incorporating visual output displays. If we relax each of these three characteristics we can expand this range into a much more diverse and potentially…

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