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  • The Importance Of Music In The Music Distribution Industry

    Some artists have taken big hits from this change due to not adapting to music distribution or just not bothering with the new times. Prince is a pioneer in music and did not pass up this opportunity. In the mid-2000s he released new songs on his own before the invention of music sharing web sites like Soundcloud. ( The Internet has also caused problems in the way of giving out music. Online piracy took the music industry by storm with sources like Napster in 1999. ( File sharing was the way people could share music without the stakeholders getting money. New rules had to be made to regulate music distribution. Musicians like Lars Ulrich from Metallica protested against websites like Napster to eventually take down Napster in…

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  • Movie Piracy

    Intellectual Property Rights: Music and Movie Piracy With an ever-increasing consumer need for instantaneous media access accompanied with the escalation of the social acceptance of "casual" piracy, it is no secret that file sharing, legal or illegal, is on the rise. For most folks in their twenties today, they may not be aware of a world without piracy. In fact, they may not even be aware that certain kinds of file sharing is illegal and punishable by law. To understand why file sharing is so…

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  • Napster Effects On Society

    Napster and Its Effects Obtaining music has not always been as easy as it is today. In order to purchase music, a person would have to go to a physical location and pay a retailer. Searching for just the right album or collection meant spending sometimes hours going through racks of records, cassettes, or cd’s. In the past, sharing music with a peer or friend meant loaning a physical copy of the music. Also the storage of the music took up a lot of space that could have been used for something…

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  • Napster Advantages And Disadvantages

    So I have mixed feelings about Napster being an online tool to share music and it being a way to steal music. Inevitably I agree with what a gentleman in the documentary said, which was somewhere along the lines of how the artists and record labels should have adapted and adjusted to the new technology instead of fighting it. I strongly agree with that statement mainly because of the fact that after Napster was created, there was no stopping this new way to share and download free music. I look…

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  • Napster Research Paper

    Back in 1999, a program was released called Napster, unbeknownst to its creators that they would be starting a domino effect in the world of piracy and the growing internet culture. Napster started a peer-to-peer file sharing revolution, which has become a perpetual machine in the present day. There are a limitless amount of websites these days that you can go to watch or stream television shows, movies, and music. The piracy community that exists on the internet could be compared to a Hydra…

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  • Nipping At Napster Argumentative Essay

    Americans perceive downloading music as an everyday act, but it’s actually quite a criminal action. Consequently, downloading music allows the public to listen to their favorite artist for free or for a small price. Stephen Seigel elaborates by saying, “Under the agreement, Napster will begin to charge a monthly fee for use of it’s service--$4.95 seems to be the number being tossed around-- though how the money is ultimately divvied up will surely be a source of future contention.” (“Nipping at…

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  • Napster: A Brief History Of Downloading Music

    downloading started somewhere and that’s where Napster came in. Within months Napster has become…

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  • The Role Of Censorship In The Music Industry

    has been affected negatively by the piracy of peer-to-peer websites. For that reason, it cost money to produce the music. Musicians have to pay for recording time, studio space and whoever is assisting you in creating the CD. All the while, fans were downloading the music for free. Thus, the artists weren’t getting the money they naturally expected to receive. LimeWire was shut down by the (Recording Industry Association of America) RIAA through a case through the U.S. Federal court system.…

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  • Copyright Office Essay

    These people would be right except for the fact that the government has the influence to change this. Copyright laws are already in place prohibiting this records versus Napster case (“Real Business”). Napster was a popular peer-to-peer file sharing network that launched in 1999. It had an amazingly large fan-base of music lovers who shared mp3s. The court ruled against Napster and the company was forced to shut down the site after making a public apology and paying $26m in damages. The part…

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  • Apple's Itunes Music Store Case Study

    questions below as part of your answer: Apple was not the first mover to the digital music industry. Prior to Apple, a number of companies such as Rhapsody, Napster, OpenNap, Snocap, TekNap, Imeem and Kazaa dominated the digital industry with a peer-peer sharing network that let them share and download files including music. However, Napster specialized in Mp3 files of music and was highly popular with over 75 million users as it allowed users to store data on each other’s’ computers, rather…

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