Narrow gauge railway

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  • Blackstone River Case Study

    Other private interest companies such as Rankin Bros. subcontracting with Conger Lumber and later the Mitchell-MacDonald Company that started in 1898. Through to the 1920s, Mitchell-MacDonald Co. have a wood mill strategically placed about 1.5 km west of train tracks on the north side. They brought the logs from Crane into Blackstone by a small steamboat through the Blackstone River. From there they were taken up the Blackstone River portion that connects Blackstone Lake with Third Lake. Sometimes a dam was used on the Blackstone Creek just up stream of the Blackstone Creek bridge. When the river becomes to difficult to float logs a narrow gauge track was used with small cars being hauled by horses. Once on Third Lake they were floated across the lake to the other side and finally up a hill to the mill. Again, to get the logs up this steep hill narrow gage rail tracks, cars and horses were used. Barricades were place in the Blackstone River between Blackstone Lake and Crane Lake to form a set of locks thus elevating the logs into the same level of Blackstone. These were placed in two different spots in the river on either side of the water spring at Galloway 's. On opening the barricade, the logs would flow in to Blackstone. A boat wanting to go from Crane into Blackstone at this time would have to remove the logs in the barricade and put them back in place on the way through. The supports used in these barricades still remain in the river and present themselves as obstacles…

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  • John Milton's Sonnet Analysis Essay

    already “fixt” not care about criticism and only “fret” about having enough “deeds of light” (10) to enter heaven. This particular line also indicates the reason why many scholars believe that Milton “encourages” his lady friend: the terms, “care” and “fixt” can easily be interpreted that the lady shows stern devotion to her church; hence, the word, “zealously” (9). However, if one reads in between the lines, the terms, “care” and “fixt” function together to produce a pessimistic future. That is…

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  • Essay On Teen Activist

    won. Alex said, “it just took a lot of hard work to pay it off.”. Iqbal Masih is a teen activist because he was a global impact on kid slavery. He was a slave because his father abandoned him. However, his Mother owed a debt to the carpet factory mafia however to pay off the debt, Iqbal had to work in 1983. When Iqbal tried to escape, he told a police officer what's happening and how they're being beaten. The officer got bribed by the factory then and the officer returned him to the factory.…

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  • Railroad Industry Research Paper

    In 1812 railroad technology and steam engine technology collided changing the known world which helped form the world we know today. The Middleton Railway in Leeds, United Kingdom was the first to use a steam powered locomotive to generate revenue and has been in operaton ever since. The creation of the railroad and how it has connected the world has left it never the same again (, n.d.). The railroad soon came to America in 1820 and began to immediately impact society. The “golden…

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  • Bernoulli-Euler Beam Theory

    the lip-loaded cantilever and use that to calculate the Poisson ratio for the material in this case 6061-T6 aluminum. This was done by having to different objectives for each part of the Lab. Part one was use electrical resistance strain gage, this was to measure the strain a cantilever beam as it undergoes a known deflection. We would then compare the measurements with that of the strains predicted by simple beam theory [1]. The objective for part two was to use two electrical resistance strain…

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  • I Felt A Funeral In My Brain Poem Analysis

    brings the reader into the funeral scene. The reader can hear the casket creaking as it is lifted and the heavy footsteps that walk across the floor. In addition, in her poem, “Because I could not stop for Death,” Dickinson writes, “We paused before a House that seemed / A Swelling of the Ground- / The Roof was scarcely visible- / The Cornice-in the Ground” (Lines 17-20) The imagery in this passage is powerful because Dickinson describes the tombstone in such a way that the reader can almost…

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  • What Is The Difference In American Culture

    First, I want to talk and discuss about “Race.” In this world, we have many countries with many types of people like: Korean, American, Vietnamese, Indian, and etc. there is not only cause they lived in different countries, for they have different about culture, skin, and language of each countries. I am a Vietnamese person and living in there for seventeen years before I moved to U.S. When I came to America, I saw a lot of difference from culture to race of people. There are people with white,…

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  • The Japanese Railway Investigation Industry

    As a body which was set to oversee development of the railway system, the Railway Investigation Office had the main function of carrying out studies, applying the results gotten from the studies and testing out the materials. In 1913, it became known as the Research Institute before it was restructured in 1942 as the Railway Technical Research Institute. The standards of the railway in Japan had fallen behind those of other railways around the world by 1945 (Seojima 5). This realization prompted…

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  • The Effect Of Distance On Acceleration Of Motion

    A ball, and a feather dropped at the same height will hit the ground at the same time when placed in a vacuum space. This is because acceleration of motion is the same for both object, and in this experiment, we are going to calculate accelerated motion using inclined planes. In this experiment, we will see whether “distance traveled is directly proportional to the square of the time”, and “if speed of a falling object depend only on the height from which it falls”. This experiment will give us…

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  • Father Returning Home Poem

    changes in the rest of the sentence, in fact is made more clear and concise. This is how society considers the elderly. They are just dropped off until only the best remain on the train. This conveys the isolation of old age in the poem as they are not viewed as important in society. This makes the reader feel more pity for the father as instead of being taken care of in his fragile state because of his old age, instead he is dropped without any care. Despite this, the father is seen rushing…

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