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  • Essay On Music Piracy

    Music Piracy Pirates back in the 1800’s were known to sail the high seas, plunder ships, steal cargo, the list goes on. Pirates today are still around but they take a different form, they take the form of someone going on the internet and downloading a torrent of that catchy new song they heard on the radio or downloading an entire album from some no name artist that doesn’t have their album on Spotify yet. These pirates aren’t your traditional, pirates they’re music pirates. Music piracy hurts the music industry, it decreases the value of art, and it hurts the artists themselves, especially lesser known artists. Music piracy, at its core, is stealing music. Ethically, it’s no different than walking into a library and stealing a book, morally is where it seems to get diluted for some people. A significant amount of people in the early days of music being available on the internet realized they could download a song off of the internet for free rather than pay for it. The problem with this is that over time it made people think they were entitled to the music they downloaded an example of this is given by Sonny Bunch in his article “When shifting morals meet new technology, businesses should get nervous” he gives an example of a roommate of his wanting him to burn a copy of a CD Sonny bought “He asked me to burn a copy of the disc for him. When I demurred, saying that if he liked the music he should pick it up for himself to reward the band, Kevin got agitated and huffy.…

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  • The Consequences Of Software Piracy

    Many people these days are guilty of being “software pirates”. “Software piracy is the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted software. This can be done by copying, downloading, sharing, selling, or installing multiple copies onto personal or work computers.” (Business Software Alliance) They justify their actions by claiming they are stealing from the huge corporate company’s that are out there making money off of us and do not care about their customers. This way of thinking…

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  • Nipping At Napster Argumentative Essay

    Americans perceive downloading music as an everyday act, but it’s actually quite a criminal action. Consequently, downloading music allows the public to listen to their favorite artist for free or for a small price. Stephen Seigel elaborates by saying, “Under the agreement, Napster will begin to charge a monthly fee for use of it’s service--$4.95 seems to be the number being tossed around-- though how the money is ultimately divvied up will surely be a source of future contention.” (“Nipping at…

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  • Movie Piracy

    Intellectual Property Rights: Music and Movie Piracy With an ever-increasing consumer need for instantaneous media access accompanied with the escalation of the social acceptance of "casual" piracy, it is no secret that file sharing, legal or illegal, is on the rise. For most folks in their twenties today, they may not be aware of a world without piracy. In fact, they may not even be aware that certain kinds of file sharing is illegal and punishable by law. To understand why file sharing is so…

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  • P2P File Sharing

    A Reading Response of “Free TV: File-Sharing and the Value of Television” by Michael Z. Newman Topic: The topic of Newman’s (2012) article presents the ever-changing value of TV shows as a public and private commercial enterprise. Modern TV shows have become private commercial property of TV networks, but the availability of “pirated” TV shows in P2P file-sharing networks has decreased their value. Ironically, the success of P2P file sharing has legitimized TV as a new “negotiation” of value in…

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  • Why We Should Piracy Not Be Allowed

    Piracy should not be allowed, due to the fact it’s using others hard work carelessly. People everyday dedicate their time and effort into projects that others could easily claim as theirs and take advantage of. Taking a stand against misdeeds such a piracy could prevent future misunderstandings. When people secure their property, it is more than likely to prevent fraud such as piracy. As technology continues to advance, it becomes easier for others to claim work as theirs without going through…

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  • Negative Speech: Illegly Overloaded Entertainment

    Purpose At the end of my presentation, the audience will favor purchasing entertainment, as opposed to illegally downloading pirated material. Introduction Let’s be honest, we’ve all downloaded a form of pirated entertainment at least once in our lifetimes. It could’ve been your favorite pop album, or a 20 minute TV show you’re enjoying at the moment. But what we fail to realize is how it actively hurts the creators, and everyone involved. Illegally downloaded entertainment hurts many without…

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  • Music Piracy Effects

    Throughout the history of popular music culture, common experiences among people of different cultures were shared by way of music, dating all the way back to the early 1920s from wax cylinders to vinyl records to cassette tapes. With rapid improvements in technology over the past three decades, the audio encoding format, the mp3, which would become one of the most innovative inventions of the 20th century, has led to many unforeseen problems and changes to the way popular nusic culture…

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  • Napster Research Paper

    Back in 1999, a program was released called Napster, unbeknownst to its creators that they would be starting a domino effect in the world of piracy and the growing internet culture. Napster started a peer-to-peer file sharing revolution, which has become a perpetual machine in the present day. There are a limitless amount of websites these days that you can go to watch or stream television shows, movies, and music. The piracy community that exists on the internet could be compared to a Hydra…

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  • The Negative Consequences Of Music Piracy

    During the mid-summer months of 2016, everywhere you looked on the news, you would see the name “Taylor Swift” splashed across the headlines. This time, though, it was not because she broke up with another boyfriend or because of one of her charitable acts. This time, it was because she was complaining about a huge and illegal problem that is rarely talked about. She was speaking out against music piracy. Music piracy, or the illegal copying and redistribution of music without a composer or…

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