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  • Evaluation Of The Physiologic Effects Of High-Flow Nasal Cannula Case Study

    Evaluation of the physiologic effects of high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC), which “is a heated, humidified, high-flow oxygen delivery system that can generate total gas flows of up to 60 L/min with an adjustable FIO2”, compared to conventional oxygen therapy (COT) for patients with hypoxemia and acute dyspnea in the emergency department was the focus of this study published in the American Association for Respiratory Care Journal (Rittayami, Tscheikuna, Praphruetkit, & Kijpinyochai, 2015). The study had two goals: (1) to evaluate the level of dyspnea after use of HFNC (2) to evaluate patient’s comfort, change in breathing rate, adverse effects, and frequency of hospitalization (Rittayami et al., 2015). Forty randomized subjects participated in…

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  • Perforation Informative Speech

    The nasal septum is a flesh and membrane-covered cartilage wall dividing the nose into right and left nostrils. Fashion-forward individuals pierce the nasal septum, but perforations can also result from illnesses such as syphillis or rare inflammatory disorders, nose picking and drug abuse. A perforated septum 's symptoms include nose bleeds, recurring infections, sinusitis, whistling, congestion and a bad smelling crust. Doctors can monitor small perforations while managing tjem with ointments,…

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  • Causes Of Velopharyngeal Dysfunction

    the size and the shape of the pharyngeal, oral, and nasal cavities, which provides the quality and uniqueness of the voice from the vocal tract with airflow and sound. Airflow is converted into air pressure by articulators, which…

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  • Chaparral Congestion Essay

    Congestion It’s the time of the year again when our nose is exposed to cold and starts to run, our chest are so congested and nothing feels good. In short, congestion season is here. Nasal congestion is caused by many factors, but its effects range from a simple irritation to older children and adults to a life-endangerment condition for infants, like • Can obstruct our hearing and speech. • Can interfere with sleep by causing snoring. • Can…

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  • Informative Essay On Spring Allergies

    Probiotics increase immunity and decrease inflammation caused by allergens. There are several strains that help to relieve spring allergies, including Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis and Escherichia coli Nissile. Steam Showers - After you have been outdoors, launder your clothes and take a shower. Allergens stick to your skin, hair and clothes, so it is essential that you remove your clothing and take a shower to prevent them from spreading to other surfaces in your home.…

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  • High Flow Cannula Case Study

    Utilizing High Flow Nasal Cannula During the First Five Minutes of Cardiac Arrest Statement of problem Cardiac arrest is the most serious and urgent medical emergency faced by EMS providers. Due to this fact, paramedics are granted the ability to perform advance life support procedures typically reserved for only physicians. Unfortunately, due to inherent nature of EMS, initial personnel arriving on scene in the first 5 minutes of cardiac arrest after initial patient contact is severely…

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  • Bronchiectasis Exacerbation Case Study

    Patient was sitting on the bed. Nasal cannula wasconnected but in use because doctor is weaning patient off oxygen in the…

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  • Rapid Sequence Induction Process

    trachea. It is during this period of time that oxygen saturation levels rapidly decline. The current standard of practice includes pre-oxygenation by use of a non-rebreather mask (NRB) at 15 liters per minute (L/min), but this device mainly relies on an inspiratory effort by the patient, and must be removed prior to ETI due to obstruction of the oropharynx. Apneic oxygenation is defined as full oxygenation during the suppression of respiratory function (Frumin, Epstein, & Cohen, 1959). This may…

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  • Pablo Rodriguez Case Study

    nauseated. The patient has not taken any medications in the past 3 days. Father died of colon cancer at age 65. Mother died in childbirth with patient. Neuro: A&O X 3. PEERL X 2mm bilateral. Speech, cognition, and perceptual ability intact and age appropriate. Moderate anxiety and mild agitation with complains pain and nausea. Nares clear without redness, swelling, drainage, or excoriation from presence of nasal cannula. Generalized weakness and impaired strength in both extremities. Handgrip…

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  • James Petrovsky Case Study

    His supervision was changed to medical one to one to keep the oxygen saturations above 90% with 3L oxygen. The DNR status from hospital was transferred to Kiley on 3/18/17 and remained on DNR at Kiley too. At Kiley Center, he was continued Duo Nebulizer treatments four times per day, oxygen 3L by nasal cannula all the time for chronic respiratory failure and maintained on medical one to one supervision. He was unable to walk or stand due to respiratory distress and was getting short of breath…

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