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  • Theme Of In The Kitchen By Henry Louis Gates

    assimilation, it was the kitchen.” (Pg.42) Gates describes that the Kitchen as the part the resisted assimilation. He tells us that his mother never tried to straighten the kitchen but rather cutting it off entirely was the only option. It is what the hair represented that was important for the identity of Gates and an African American, the Kitchen referring to the section of hair is important as it refers to the resistance to the pressures on the African American people. The kitchen will always regrow and can never be changed. Gates talks about and describes famous people such as Nat King Cole’s patent leather hair. Nat King Cole’s hair was seen as desirable, it was an icon for the community. Gates talks about his experience with straightening his own hair. “I’d use Afro –Sheen. From Murray’s to Duke to Afro-Sheen: that was my progression in black consciousness” (Pg.46). Symbolism is used here. Nat King Cole’s hair was seen as a symbol of the perfect hair, and something that all African American people should try and replicate. At that time it was evident that having good hair was an absolute necessity and that was the struggle for many. However, Gates conveys an attitude form a first person narrative point of view to show the struggles that the African American people have to face from his own point of view. The beginning of Gate’s childhood was based around his fascination with hair. We learn from that text that he was in admiration over the processes that African…

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  • Nat Turner Research Paper

    Nat Turner was born a slave in a Virginia plantation owned by Benjamin Turner. He was very religious and believed that when he was little, he talked about events that had occurred before his birth. He claimed that he received divine visions and that god had spoken to him. According to Turner, the insurrection was god’s will that he was prophesized to carry out. These murders were carried out to terrorize whites, yet abolitionists still supported their actions, little did they know that the men…

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  • Cultural Identity Reflection Paper

    and Nat Turner’s Insurrection. I have a sense of pride in my hometown and culture knowing I am from an area with such recognition. However, some stories are extremely tough and I often feel intense emotions when sharing them to others. Blackhead Signpost Road Blackhead Signpost Road is located in Courtland, Virginia. According to the Alfred Brophy (2015) there has been a debate on changing the name of the street. This street is named Blackhead Signpost Road because in the 1900s a rebel…

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  • Film Analysis: The Birth Of A Nation

    Birth of a Nation, Nate Parker stars and directs a film that tries to artistically broadcast the famed slaved uprising as an inevitable and heroic stance. The movie illustrates Nat Turner’s story while, filling the gaps of the tale since not much is known about Nat Turner, other than his uprising. By using different lighting techniques, artistic camera angles and traditional editing, Parker attempts to create a cinematic piece that evokes emotion from the audience. The Birth of a Nation…

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  • Discrimination Faced In Nat Turner, By Kyl Kyle Baker

    I found the graphics capturing; living me with a vivid memory of the events that took place thousands of years ago. To me, this book is as effective as one with scripts. One graphic that caught my attention and served as a perfect example of the discrimination and injustice that blacks faced in Nat Turner’s days is when he was standing outside the classroom listening to the white teacher teach the white children. Upon seeing him, the teacher walks to the door and slams it in his face. The…

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  • Symbolism In The Heroic Slave By Frederick Douglass

    Nat Turner's Confessions and Frederick Douglass' The Heroic Slave The names of Nat Turner and Frederick Douglass are remembered because of the fame that they earned as black Americans during pre-Civil War slave period. However, their names color the pages of history books for widely different reasons: Nat Turner led one of the greatest slave revolts in almost 150 years of slavery, while Frederick Douglass obtained his freedom and education, going on to become a renowned speaker, author, and…

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  • Narrative Essay: 8 Hearts, All In A Row

    smile that made everyone uncomfortable. Randy had only met Lindsay a few times; both times she had had slipped him a business card for a nutritionist. “It’s nice to see you again, Randy,” she said, passing him to sit with his brother on a floral couch near the TV. John said nothing, he didn’t even look at his brother. His mother sat on the brown couch next to his father, who had not looked up from his paper. She clung onto the side, trying to put as much space as possible between them. “New…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life After My Surgery

    It was 5 years ago, and I was 35 years old when I underwent surgery to remove my gallbladder. I lived in constant pain for so many years with tummy aches; there were times it was bearable, and other times the pain would be so bad that I laid down and prayed for the pain to stop. I underwent at least three endoscopy to just be diagnosed with acid reflux and gastritis. One night I was in so much pain that I got up and drove myself to the hospital, the pain was so bad and I was at my wits end with…

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  • The Importance Of Transition

    Transition is one on the most painful points of delivery of a baby. However, when you reach transition, the delivery is almost over. This is the point when you want to quit. I remember believing by faith God would give me the ability to deliver Micah naturally. When I finally went into labor, I was excited. Ignorance is bliss! Anyhow, I had a long and difficult labor. When it came time to push, I was exhausted. I recall after pushing for over three long hours, I said, “I quit!” The…

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  • Significance Of The Chesapeake Incident

    expansion. Nat Turner 's Rebellion Nat Turner was a slave, encouraged by his owner to read, and therefore was literate. Admiring his father 's escape, he pined for his own freedom and developed a plan, which would both set him free and start a rebellion amongst other slaves. Nat executed his plan with a group of other slaves and went on a murderous excursion, killing all the people in his household, and then on to other homes, when finished killing about 60 total white people. Nat 's…

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