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  • Importance Of Nation States

    This essay focuses on nation states and if they still play a central role in a globalized world. It mainly focuses on three arguments which are, the security and stability, nationalism and globalization as its own phase. To provide a justified response to this statement, one must know what the terms ‘Nation-states’ and ‘globalization’ mean. A nation state can be defined in several ways, but this essay focuses on a particular definition mentioned in one of the courses that relate to this topic, ‘Actors in world politics’ and it says that a nation state is a, “named human population sharing an historic territory, common myths and historical memories, a mass, public culture, a common economy and common legal rights and duties for all members”…

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  • The United States : A Democratic Nation

    In todays days most of the richest countries are in a democratic Nations. One of those countries is the United States. In a Democratic Nation citizen have the choice of choosing their next representative for the next four years. A Democratic government also promote economic freedom. The following statement, “The United States is rich because it is a democratic nation.” it is not totally true but the democratic nation is a huge factor in the grown of the United states. Thanks to the Democratic…

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  • A Nation In A Perpetual State Of War Article Analysis

    A Nation in a Perpetual State of War The United States has been in a continuous state of war since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers. In response to these attacks, the United States has deployed over two million troops amongst all five of its military branches combined. In 2014 the US withdrew a majority of its troops from the combat zones in the middle east, however the war still wages on. Many military leaders, as well as the American population entered the…

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  • Essay Why The Nation-States Should Leave The European Union

    voted to leave the European Union on June 23. Throughout history, nations that have strived for independence have created instability in their states. Nationalism within these countries has escalated in times of instability towards ultranationalism in which nationalism is excessive to the point of harming another nation, causing historic events such as WW1 and WW2. The pursuit of peace and economic growth after this era of horror has led to the creation of the European Union in which…

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  • Political Corruption In Hamlet, Macbeth And King Lear

    Political corruption is seen in various tragedies by William Shakespeare. However, what are the effects of politics of the state on the individual and identity of character? As Marcellus says to Horatio “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” (1.4.), it becomes clear that on some level the Political corruption and transformation of morality in Hamlet’s Denmark is noticed. As a political body is poorly managed there are consequences. One should see it as a ripple effect. The choices of…

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  • The Importance Of Symbolism In Sports

    In relation to this, sports analysis is challenged as a result of the influence of modernization that links nationalist ideas with capitalist ideas resulting in the dismissal of indigenous sports because they are implicitly regarded as politically and economically irrelevant to nationalist discourses within nation-states. There is little possibility of an “indigenous” sport becoming a “national sports (Carter 2002). Even though nationalism is of growing importance, nation states seem to be…

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  • Nationalism In The 19th Century Essay

    Title The 19th century was an age of discovery and progress for many parts of the world. Europe particularly went through many changes and reforms. During this time of change many questions were raised and people faced questions and opportunities of which they never would have dreamed. New problems arose everyday and individuals needed to band together and fight, politically or physically, for their group. When these groups succeeded in gaining control they had an even bigger challenge to face;…

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  • Nationalism And Globalisation Essay

    1). When the two are not congruent, nationalist anger – or at least unease - often ensues. The term entered common parlance during the latter part of the 19th century on the back of Lincoln’s victory in the American Civil War and Prussia’s victory over France (Nairn, 2008). According to Anderson (1991, pp. 6-7), however, nations are largely “imagined communities” – imagined because “the members of even the smallest nation will never know most of their fellow-members, meet them, or even hear…

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  • Martha Nussbaum Patriotism And Cosmopolitanism

    naturally assume their own customs are the best way of going about things; looking at other cultures helps them to see where they have room for improvement. Nussbaum uses the example of childcare, they might also look at the healthcare systems of other nations, to improve their own. Secondly, she argues that they would be better able to solve global issues, such as that of pollution and global warming, if they are more willing to work together rather than reverting to competitive nationalism.…

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  • Civic Nation Analysis

    1- Can any nation-state be considered a ‘civic’ nation? It is critical to commence with a definition of the concept at the heart of the discussion as a way of setting the stage for the present discourse. The concept of civic nationhood is applied in reference to the identity in politics formed from common citizenship that thrives in a liberal state (Smith, 2013). The concept of a civic nation, therefore, goes beyond subjective variables, such as culture, language, customs or traditions of the…

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