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  • Symbols Of The Shiva Nataraja

    The statues of Shiva Nataraja, also known as Shiva as the Lord of Dance, came from the sculptors of the south Indian Chola dynasty. These statues, from the late tenth and early eleventh centuries, are some of the most significant icons from the Hindu religion. This important symbol bears all of the characteristics that Shiva represents: creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe. This religious piece of art, made using the ‘lost-wax’ method of sculpting, has gotten a lot more prominent since the twentieth century. Ananda K. Coomaraswamy wrote an essay in 1912 explaining the significance of the Shiva Nataraja, and why it was an important statue to the Hindu religion, but in a very different representation. After this essay, Hindu people…

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  • The Importance Of The Hindu Temple

    The whole thing starts when my grandfather came to visit, he likes to explore and see everything as much as possible in that three weeks. So I suggested that we’ve should go see the Hindu temple because it’s not too far from where we live. You ask, I do make this suggested, it because my grandfather came that he have Nataraja one of Hindu god spirit inside his. He agrees with my suggested and design to go without any hesitation. Later, after he agrees with my idea I start to get anxiety and…

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  • Representation Of Natiya Shastra

    One of the classical depictions of the Hindu God Shiva shows his dancing. Nataraja is considered to be the ultimate depiction of the dance, Nataraja meaning “Lord of the Dance”. Here we see Shiva with his left leg on top of his right, and his hands holding fire and a drum. His other set of appendages are in a very distinct form. Fire encircles him in a ring while he stands on a man. This is commonly attributed to overcoming darkness/negativity and ignorance. This beautiful illustration of…

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  • Male Torto Analysis

    296). The Hindu temple is the major architecture from India and one of the world’s most distinctive. A porch serves for preparation and purification of the worshipers and the womb chamber is the sacred room where the image of the god is kept. The Hindu temple had different sculptures on the walls, at the entrance doors and at the gates. Most of their sculptures were naked. A scene from Kandarya Mahadeva Temple, erotic reliefs of the Chandella dynasty was made in 1025–1050 C.E. “The round…

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  • Myths In Hindu Mythology

    He is Maheshwara, the ruler of the Universe. He is Shankara, the destructor of darkness and ignorance. He is Shambu, who spreads eternal happiness. He is Jatadhari, the one with matted hair. He is Gangadhara as he holds Ganga in his locks to demolish the effect of destruction when it descends from heaven to earth. Lord Shiva is Nataraja, the flames emerging from his dance form places him as the principle cause of whole creation. Moreover He is addressed as…

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  • PCH PLC Case Study

    shareholders theory & pure stakeholder theory without staying in extremes of both theories. It is important to notice that PCH PLC concerned only about the shareholders of the company & violated the multi-fiduciary duties towards its stakeholders. The company had mislead its customers by failing to exercise warranty claims & disobeyed to tax rules of the government without paying “Hand Carry” taxes on the imports. Significant Changes in the BOD When the failures started to arise in the company…

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  • Trimungam Symbolism

    his hair; the Ganges river pouring from his locks wearing rudraksha beads around his neck, holding a trident and often surrounded by animals. He is attacked by demons who throw at him King Cobra so Shiva breaks his meditation and wrap the cobra around his neck, then the demons send a tiger to attack him and Shiva again breaks his meditation slits open the tiger with his finger nail and throws the guts and he resumes with his meditation, he wraps the tiger skin around his waist. The demons then…

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