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  • Nation Of Islam Essay

    Economic systems are the backbone of any successful organization, and Nation of Islam is no exception. In order to be successful, the system not only needs to be viable for economic sustainability but needs to reflect the religion as a whole in order convince the population of its viability. Their economic system’s goals, especially as expressed in their newspaper The Final Call, reflects the values that the Nation of Islam desperately wants, as expressed in their scripture Message to the Blackman in America. These three values are trust in each other, respect to and from others, and independence/separation from the white race. If these three values are understood and realized by the black race, it will lead to successful empowerment, the ultimate goal of the economic system of the Nation of Islam and the religion as a whole. Trust: “In business and life, trust is not everything, but without it you have nothing.” The first value is trust in each other as black people. This is the first value to be discussed because trust is the “basis for economic development” in Nation of Islam. They recognize trust as the “glue” that is able to create lasting impacts, as shown by society.…

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  • Malcolm X And The Nation Of Islam Analysis

    Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam During the time Malcolm X (Malcolm Little, at the time) was in prison he learned about the "new" religion of the Nation of Islam. In the Autobiography of Malcolm X, Malcolm X reflects on his own interpretation of the Nation of Islam by sharing his own personal experience of his acceptance of Islam, and his purpose was to show the ideology of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X was a man of no religion who referred to himself as Satan; and I believe the purpose to…

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  • Nation Of Islam Research Paper

    When the of the Nation of Islam is brought up, it is usually associated with being a radical group under the direction of Malcolm X. Do you ever wonder how it all started and what the Nation of Islam really stood for in the early to mid 1900’s? What was it about the Nation that drew thousands of African Americans, in the United States alone, to follow its teachings? What happened to the Nation of Islam and why isn’t it prevalent in today’s society? The Nation of Islam intrigues me because of…

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  • Nation Of Islam: Course Analysis

    that crave new knowledge, but did not want to defend my faith or take time to partake of in-depth study of other religions. I am thankful that I took a different look at the purpose for the course. I have learned a lot over the last seven weeks. This course taught me a lot about the rituals, practices, and history of other religion and even some things about myself. My perspective has definitely changed. So much so that I have ended my interfaith relationship. Through the readings in the…

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  • Islam And Two Nation Theory

    Islam has played an important role in the creation and continued survival of Pakistan as a sovereign state. As Pakistan started off, the use of the two-nation theory and a united Muslim front was a useful identity to an otherwise splintered nation, too similar to it’s much larger Hindu counterpart. As Pakistan grew from a theory into an actualized nation, it was proved that this wasn’t a solid foundation for a country as Bangladesh won independence, disregarding Muslim unity in exchange for…

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  • Malcolm X Sparknotes

    it. The title of the novel is Malcolm X, but the man had different names throughout his life. Malcolm X is the son of the Nebraska Baptist preacher. He was born Malcolm little, when he joined the nation of Islam, he had changed his name in to Malcolm X which is unknown African ancestor name. During his visit to mecca, he abandoned his Malcolm X name, and took Muslim name El Hajj Malik Shabazz. Therefore, he was known by different names in his life, but the title of the novel is Malcolm X. Alex…

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  • The Negative Impacts Of Malcolm X And The Civil Rights Movement

    prominent during the 1950s and 60s. The use of publicity earned by civil right figures within their given organizations, specifically Martin Luther King Jr. (SCLC), Rosa Parks (NAACP), and Malcolm X with the Nation of Islam (NOI), created palpable tension between whites and blacks. Malcolm X and the NOI brought to the table what others civil right leaders rarely did, the aspect of fear. He utilized the teachings of his organization along with popularity he had earned and turned it into a way…

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  • Malcolm X: An African-American Leader

    As an African-American leader, Malcolm X was a well-known in the Nation. He was against the race pride and black nationality in the 1950s and '60s. Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925, In Omaha, Nebraska. He was a black leader that worked for a spokesman for the black of the Nation during the 1950s and '60s. He has join the nation of Islam when he was in prison. Malcolm X used to encourage black people to fight for the freedom from the racism "by any means necessary," overall, in the beginning,…

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  • Alex Haley's The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

    He drops out of Middle school and eventually, became a street criminal in Harlem NY. During this time, his childhood beliefs are consistent. He began dating girl named Laura who was deeply in love with her. Malcolm leaves her heart broken when he leaves her for a white female named Sophia. With Sophia on his side, Malcolm began drug dealing, gambling and robbery. In 1946, he is arrested and sentences to a lengthy sentence. His prison stint is a history changing moment; since that’s where…

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  • Haj Malik El-Shabazz's The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

    life. Malcolm leaves both of these locations a new person, when he leaves Harlem he has become Malcolm X and when he returns from Mecca he is El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, this is how the reader knows for sure he has changed. The two cities Malcolm X focuses on most when he recalls them are Harlem and Mecca, even giving them their own chapter titles Harlemite and Mecca. Harlem gave him the worse life experiences to conciliate his life, he furthers this in Mecca These two cities are then the two that…

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