What I Learned About My Life Essay examples

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I started this course on a vey low note. I have always been one that crave new knowledge, but did not want to defend my faith or take time to partake of in-depth study of other religions. I am thankful that I took a different look at the purpose for the course. I have learned a lot over the last seven weeks. This course taught me a lot about the rituals, practices, and history of other religion and even some things about myself. My perspective has definitely changed. So much so that I have ended my interfaith relationship. Through the readings in the course and the assignments, my fiancé provided me with material to read about his religion. The more I read, the more discussions we had. The final discussion was last night, it took a bad turn and I ended it. There is so much in practices of the Nation of Islam faith that I do not agree with. Our relationship has never been one including a desire to convert one or the others, but a mere respect of views. I felt pressured to agree when I did not. Once I wanted to end things, his tone changed and reverted back to just respecting his view. I feel this will come up again and is not work the anger and stress. I have grown through this course and experience. I love being a Christian and no one or nothing can change that. My faith means more to me than being married. I feel I have experienced some professional growth as well by starting a dialogue with coworkers to discuss their views on school and religion. This is a sensitive…

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