The Importance Of World Religion In Public Schools

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World Religion in Public Schools
America is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world; however, there is a lack of knowledge about cultural religion. Religion is not a distinct phenomenon. Understanding and considering worldwide perspectives is a significant global competence skill that all students should establish. Contrary to popular belief, no law prohibits the discussion of religion in public schools. Because religion is not concentrated on within the curriculum, students cannot develop a full understanding of its importance in the nation 's underlying history. For various reasons, many educators are reluctant to discuss the topic of religion; however, addressing religion in schools is essential in adequately preparing students for the diverse connection between all types of religions that exist in the world. Not only does religion allow students to expand their knowledge culturally but it also allows for a better understanding of traditions and values, literacy and cultural references, and religious claims made through the media. By integrating world religions into the core curriculum at the
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Many school teachers and officials do not know enough about other religions, besides their own, to be able to teach the subject comfortably. Allowing uninformed teachers to teach about religion would have a negative impact if students are not learning the correct information. Others argue that people’s religious views should not be forced upon others, especially children in schools because it leads to arguments about what is and what is not true. Religion being taught in public schools leads to issues such as offending families by making students feel more or less important based on what was being taught and could also create more issues with the teacher putting emphasis or leaving out certain parts or information of religion based off of personal preference

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