Nation Of Islam Research Paper

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When the of the Nation of Islam is brought up, it is usually associated with being a radical group under the direction of Malcolm X. Do you ever wonder how it all started and what the Nation of Islam really stood for in the early to mid 1900’s? What was it about the Nation that drew thousands of African Americans, in the United States alone, to follow its teachings? What happened to the Nation of Islam and why isn’t it prevalent in today’s society? The Nation of Islam intrigues me because of their different viewpoints, compared to other religions. It is also, in my opinion, a topic that many people misview and misunderstand because they are uneducated to the actual facts of this religion. Many people think the followers of the Nation of …show more content…
After Fard’s leadership was over, one of his followers kept this saying popular when he took over as the leader of the Nation of Islam. His name was Elijah Muhammad. Elijah Muhammad was known for his strong hatred towards Christianity and white people. He had no intentions of integrating with the white community. One of his popular quotes is “White is evil; non-white is good.” When the Nation of Islam was criticized for their hatred towards the whites he responded by saying that the Black Muslim movement is “the hate that hate produced” (Lincoln xxi). This means that the movement was created because of the hatred the whites showed the African Americans for many years and now it was the their turn to stand up for their rights and takedown anyone that came in their way. Elijah Muhammad’s most popular protege was Malcolm X. Even though Malcolm was mixed with white and black, he still faced many racial problems. He grew to hate white people because of the way they treated African Americans. Malcolm X converted to a Muslim while he was serving time in prison. In jail, he became very close with EIijah Muhammad; he even built a strong friendship with him. When Malcolm was released from jail, he began teaching and converting others to Islam. One of

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