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  • Michael Jordan

    Is Michael Jordan the greatest of all time National Basketball Association player? Michael Jordan is a famous African-American Basketball player who played for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. Jordan played fifteen seasons in the NBA. Michael Jordan received many trophies while playing in the game of basketball. Currently Jordan is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. Jordan was very competitive at a young age. He always wanted to win every game that he is in. Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. The Jordan family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. As Jordan was growing up his father James Jordan taught him how to work hard and not live the street life. Michael Jordan attended high in Emsley…

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  • Similarities Between Lebroon And Michael Jordan

    Without a doubt, LeBron James and Michael Jordan are considered to be legends in the National Basketball Association, otherwise known as the NBA. Both players have achieved tons of accomplishments. Although they have similarities, they also have a great deal of differences. Some of the similarities and differences these players share is their environment, accomplishments, and characteristics. Environment plays one of the biggest roles in similarities and differences of these legends. When he…

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  • Lebron James Character Analysis

    NBA, the National Basketball Association, has become a worldwide craze nowadays. Those star players in NBA have a big impact on today’s youth. Among those star players, LeBron James, who plays for Cleveland Cavaliers, is praised as one of the greatest players in the world. Nevertheless, LeBron James’ personality has been questioned. Some of LeBron James behaviors have shown that he is a narcissistic person and have actually created a bad image among some reporters and people in Cleveland. His…

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  • Assignment 3: Patriarchy Bingo

    lighter sentence for sexual assault. This is not only a gender problem but a race problem as well, because given that he is a white and was attending an Ivy league in which he played a sport for. His crime was made seem like a mistake and not seen as serious problem, because he was good student who made a mistake but raping someone isn’t a mistake. For G1 an activity that I found was the distinction that there is between the NBA and WNBA. I noticed this awhile I go on my own while I was watching…

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  • Case Study On Team Loyalty Vs A Championship Winning Career

    Championship Winning Career: The New Challenge for NBA Players Should I stay or should I go? That’s the question every Hall of Fame worthy star asks himself at some point in his career in the league. Now to be fair,the answer depends largely on the team you were drafted to and the overall potential to win a championship. At the end of the day, professional basketball is a business first and entertainment second, so each team views players as small puzzle pieces; get the right pieces to fit…

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  • Analysis: The Bachelorette

    What is completely different with the new season of the ABC hit reality show ‘The Bachelorette’? This will definitely shock the viewers. Did ABC just cast the first Black American "Bachelorette" ever? Chris Harrison speaks out. Rachel Lindsay is the new "Bachelorette". She is no ordinary "Bachelorette" as she is the first black "Bachelorette" to run the show. Lindsay is not just the first African American to lead this hit reality show in "The Bachelorette" arena but in "The Bachelor"…

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  • Michael Jordan Legacy

    The Legacy of Michael Jordan Jaime Ornelas English 5-6 Period 2 15 March, 2017 Mrs.McCarthy RESEARCH OUTLINE: Michael Jordan THESIS:Michael Jordan went against many odds to become successful in his career, he had a competitive edge to win in every game that he played , and during his career he was recognized for his accomplishments as an athlete. Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time is and an inspiration to many athletes. I.His Origins…

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  • How Did Michael Jordan The Game Changer

    The Game Changer Many basketball stars are idols. Others can be game changers, but few are both. One example is Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is one of the most iconic stars of basketball. He has inspired many people. Jordan has contracts with Nike and has wowed many fans. Michael Jordan is known for his awards, and he is known for his skills in the game. Jordan was born on February 17, 1965 in Brooklyn, New York. He was born and raised to James and Deloris Jordan. When he was young he moved…

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  • Allen Iverson Biography

    The rise of Allen Iverson all started in Hampton, Va. Allen Iverson first love was football not basketball. Growing up, Allen Iverson was a football star. Many believed he could go down as one of the greatest football players if he kept working at it. Obviously, God had a different direction for Allen Iverson. When Allen Iverson was 11, his mother forced him to go to a basketball practice. He didn't want to go but his mother made him. After the practice, the coaches couldn't believe what they…

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  • Michael Jordan And Kobe Jord The Best Basketball Player

    Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are often referred to as the best NBA players in their respective era. Both Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have had amazing careers (Kobe still plays for the Los Angeles Lakers), but only one of them is the better basketball player. This comparison is one that will be made for years to come because of a multitude of reasons, mainly because they are the two best shooting guards to ever play in the NBA. To be the better basketball player an individual must show how…

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