National Fascist Party

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  • Summary Of Frantz Fanon's The Wretched Of The Earth

    Haile Selassie, who wrote Appeal to the League of Nations, was the emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974. Both Ethiopia and Italy were members of the League of Nations. Italy was the founding member in 1920, and then Ethiopia joined in 1923. Benito Mussolini was an Italian politician, the leader of the National Fascist Party, and he ruled Italy as the Prime Minister from 1922 until 1943. Haile Selassie wrote Appeal to the League of Nations to get justice for his people and his country, making him a strong emperor showing that he cares. Moussolini wanted an empire that would connect everything and he wanted to run the Roman Empire. Moussolini started threatening Ethiopia. In 1930 the Wal-Wal incident happened given the occupation of Walwal to Italy, then then in 1934, Mussolini claimed that Italy had been wrong. Ethiopia appealed to the League of Nations for arbitration, however the response they received was not in their favor. In 1935, “Italian aircraft hurled upon my armies bombs of tear-gas. Their…

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  • The Strengths Of Benito Mussolini As The Duce Of Italy

    return Italy to greatness after their defeat in WW1. Thus suggesting Mussolini came to power by default, as the country was in a weak and vulnerable position after the debacle of WW1, and not by his own strengths. Benito Mussolini was an Italian journalist, politician, and leader of the Facist party in which he founded in the March of 1919. The right-wing organisation supported nationalism, wore black t-shirts for their uniform and initiated a program of unrest and intimidation against its…

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  • Oppression As Explained In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    Oppression as Explained in Animal Farm "The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” –Steven Biko (Oppression Quotes). Oppression is the “cruel and unfair treatment of people, especially by not giving them the same freedom, rights, etc. as other people” (Oxford). One of the most renowned literary works pertaining to oppression is Animal Farm by George Orwell. Animal Farm allegorizes the events of the Russian Revolution and Stalin era. Using this source one…

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  • BUF Nationalism

    The British Union of Fascists, or alternatively the BUF, was a far-right political party active in Britain from its formation in 1932 until it was proscribed by the British government in 1940. It was founded by Sir Oswald Mosley, who became convinced of fascism after he visited Mussolini’s Italy. In truth, the party, while enjoying some moderate success, ended up as a failure. Stanley Payne described it as a ‘political oxymoron’, being developed in a nation where ‘there was neither space nor…

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  • Nelson Mandela Ethical Leadership Essay

    Literature review Nelson Mandela was a South African leader. He succeeded to end apartheid and with the African National Congress (ANC), he was the first one who won the presidential election with black-African origin. Thus, Mandela received the Nobel Prize for Peace (Britannica, 2016). 27 years as a strong-willed prisoner (Shriberg and Shriberg, 2011, p. ) improved his personal development of forgiveness for his rivals, formed his strength and established supplementary leadership skills like…

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  • Similarities Between Hitler And Mussolini

    their respective countries through their leadership and heavy influence. Hitler’s and Mussolini’s rise to power can be compared and analyzed by showing their influences of power that affected their economical, political, social changes on society. Hitler and Mussolini came into power to establish single party states while Germany and Italy were under severe tension and depression. Hitler acquired power in Germany from 1933 to 1945 as compared to Mussolini who ruled for 21 years starting in…

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  • FSA Report: Oasis In Newark, California

    The facility is separated into four different categories: Oasis Express, Oasis Kids, Oasis Fitness, Oasis Party Palace. The facility is more than 34,000 square feet long and has most of the amenities that customers are looking for when it comes to booking a party rooms or hall for a birthday party. The operation of the facilities varies in the weekdays and the weekend. The operation hours of the Oasis Fitness is from Monday-Sunday, from 4 am to 11 PM. As for the operation in Oasis Fitness, it…

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  • Sisterhood Morale Ideas

    Prizes can be free (e.g., first in line for dinner, special parking spot, special table, etc.) • Inspirational Quotes on Chairs: Have members read them aloud to chapter. • Who 's That Kappa? Make up a bulletin board with baby pictures of different chapter members or Chapter Council members and give a prize to the member who can correctly identify the most women. • Kappa Spotlight: Highlight women in the chapter so other members can get to know them. Ideas for Sisterhood Events: • Roller…

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  • Family Secrets Research Paper

    case. Sometimes there are situations that secrets can be viewed in positive ways. For example, a sweet secret could be kept in order to keep something such as a surprise party and protect the excitement. An essential secret could help to create boundaries and closeness. If everyone has secrets and they are a part of our everyday life, why is it that we feel the need to conceal secrets? Afifi & Olson (2005) state, “that people may choose to not reveal their secrets because they are afraid of…

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  • Divorce Rate Reflection

    't improve. Spiritually I was drifted away from God and my moral foundation. I went to Bishop Ludden and much of the curriculum is focused around Christian morals. All my life I was around these morals going through Catholic school my entire life. I was an active church goer also. After the divorce church didn 't even cross my mind. My mother was the one who always compelled me go and she wasn 't interested in going at the time. I began to feel alone. Not in a sense that I had no friends, but I…

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