Major League Baseball

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  • The Steroid Era In Major League Baseball

    The Steroid Era in Major League Baseball lasted from the 1990’s to 2004. It was a time where players from all around the league took performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to improve themselves. It came to an end in October, 2003. According to “Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Baseball” by California State University Professor Paul D. Staudohar, when the San Francisco Chronicle posted that the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) had been giving out illegal performance enhancing drugs to athletes across the world (Staudohar, 5). Famous professional baseball players that have confessed or been caught taking PEDs include: Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and Sammy Sosa. Everybody knows that steroids are a form of cheating, and some say…

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  • Major League Baseball

    Position paper 1 In recent years, major league baseball has increasing difficulty holding the attention of an audience due to immobility of the league and other rivaling sports. To curb this problem sports league respond by proposing reducing game length but is this really the way to go? Resorting to such measures could alienate dedicated fans, event-attending fans who would not feel the need to attend short games. An alternative that could shorten the game so it might be wise to emulate the…

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  • Collective Bargaining Agreements In Major League Baseball

    sake that they are in the spotlight, however some tend to think that just because they are on tv doesn't mean they aren't human. However that is not true and they are still very much as human as those who aren’t athletes, and as them being human, they must be held accountable like anyone else. Whether such criminal act is made up for real, sports leagues have started to take the punishments more serious for the sake of their brand. “Commissioners of these leagues are imposing harsher and more…

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  • Jackie Robinson's Desegregation In Major League Baseball

    “There are many actions and individuals who have made a substantial impression on the game of baseball. Together, Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey are the most significant. Branch Rickey, the orchestrator of Organized Baseball's desegregation, president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers believed that integration in Major League Baseball would be great for America. Branch Rickey put his knowledge into motion by seeking black baseball players looking for the perfect candidate to break…

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  • Steroids In Major League Baseball

    MLB (Major League Baseball) has banned steroids, better known as a type of PED (performance enhancing drug). I insist steroids should not be banned from the organization. With the ban, we will never know what could have been the absolute potential of each player that made it to the big leagues. Steroids will benefit the league because they prevent many injuries, which is beneficial to the ballplayers and their teams club. Steroids being allowed leads to baseball becoming more popular, which then…

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  • Major League Baseball: The Impact Of Steroids

    purposes but some people, such as MLB players take steroids to gain an advantage over their competition. Steroids have been a problem in baseball ever since players have started using them as performance enhancers.Taking steroids as performance enhancers has been a problem for a while; back in the early days, Players used testosterone supplement that came from animal testicals (Carise). Taking steroids was not against the rules by any means when they were first introduced in baseball, infact,…

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  • A Summary Of Steroids In Major League Baseball

    When you think of steroids you probably think of bodybuilding or wrestling but in the last 10 years, Major League Baseball and steroids scandals have become linked. MLB players like former stars Mark Mcgwire and Jose Canseco as well as former NY Yankee Jason Giambi came clean and admitted to using steroids in their careers. The Mitchell Report, a file that was published by former US Senator George Mitchell that investigated the use of drugs in MLB was published in 2007 and revealed a number of…

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  • Major League Baseball Reflective Essay

    “I’m philosophically opposed to people doing ‘the wave’ at a Major League Baseball game.” I stated with the calm of a surgeon but slightly agitated. “My reasoning is simple; just because you are bored, it doesn’t mean there isn’t something really important going on.” I said, looking for a nod of acknowledgement that would be worthy of this great insight. That nod never came. But I continued because I felt I needed to make my point. “There is always a strategy in the mind of every player out…

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  • Major League Baseball Color Barrier

    Who was the first person to break the Major League Baseball color barrier? Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. Busting through many obstacles such as segregation. Through all that he set the example that color or race did not matter and that you could be what you want to be no matter what color. So he changed the game of baseball by being the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. Jackie Robinson was born on January 3,1919 in Cairo,…

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  • Major League Baseball Comparison

    Baseball is considered the national pastime of the US; from April to October, there is always a game at 1:00 pm or at 7:00 pm. The Major League Baseball is the best league in the world that is consisted by two leagues, American League and National League, with 15 teams in each it, playing for being the best team of the world. Every year the debate of which league is the best captures the attention of fans and journalists, there is always the discussion and the comparison between both leagues;…

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