Major League Baseball: The Impact Of Steroids

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Impact of Steroids
Steroids are taken all over the world. Some steroids are given by doctors for medical purposes but some people, such as MLB players take steroids to gain an advantage over their competition. Steroids have been a problem in baseball ever since players have started using them as performance enhancers.Taking steroids as performance enhancers has been a problem for a while; back in the early days, Players used testosterone supplement that came from animal testicals (Carise). Taking steroids was not against the rules by any means when they were first introduced in baseball, infact, baseball banned the substance and any other performing enhancement drug in 1991. (Carise) Up until 2003, players could take Steroids or PEDs and not
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Some of the minor effects of them are increasing acne, hair-loss, heightened aggression, and stunted growth (Woerner). When young baseball players see their idols taking steroids, they think that it's good for them, it makes them better, and since they’re taking it in the most competitive stage, they should too. Taking steroids makes the individual a better hitter, pitcher, fielder, or whatever position they play but steroids are also very bad for the body. After the minor effects occur and the athlete continues to take them, they will be at an increased risk for heart damage, liver damage, and blood clots, which would lead to very bad consequences which include death (Woerner). Just picture a teen baseball player running toward first to be safe and all of a sudden, he collapses and has a heart attack, just from taking steroids. It is thought that 6% of highschoolers have used them(“Steroid use.. Athletes”), which means, out of 100 kids, 6 of them have taken steroids or PEDs. As steroids have been coming more common in high school sports, they are also becoming more accessible for student …show more content…
The influence that the Major Leaguers have on the younger ball players has significantly risen since baseball is televised all over the United States. The young baseball players spend countless hours trying to mimic their icons. This can just be as simple as batting stance, homerun trout, or even going as far a work ethic or personal life. When it is discovered that one professional player gets caught taking steroids or PEDs, it has a higher chance of persuading their fans/admirers.
When looking at the science of steroids, they are chemically similar to hormones in our body (Woerner), steroids are taken in either an injection, cream, or pill. When taking steroids or PEDs they are to be taken in high physiological doses which is very bad for the body.(Woerner) Taking steroids increase the amount of hormones you have well above normal ranges which can cause collapses, high blood pressure, roid rage, etc.

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