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  • Testosterone Prescriptions

    Testosterone prescriptions are most commonly written by doctors for men with testosterone deficiencies caused by andropause or other conditions. Testosterone is a hormone produced by the body and deficiencies cause symptoms such as decreased sex drive, fatigue and moodiness. These symptoms can be caused by other conditions and even when testing shows that testosterone levels are lower than normal, testosterone supplementation does not always alleviate the symptoms and may inhibit the body's natural ability to produce testosterone. This is just one known side effect. Testosterone produced by the body causes muscles to grow and strength to increase. At one time, testosterone prescriptions were written commonly for many conditions. It was…

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  • Testosterone Importance

    Importance of Testosterone The body of men comprises of stronger muscle mass and bones. This is because the level of Testosterone is properly sustained which is responsible for the absorption of many nutrients into muscles. For those who don’t know about it, Testosterone is an androgenic hormone produced in male’s body which is also a key precursor of masculine traits. The hormone defines male’s characteristic and also serve various functions inside the body. Testosterone optimal secretion…

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  • Testosterone Decline

    Yes, there is a male version of menopause. Technically, it's known as andropause, in which men go through a gradual decline in testosterone production. Men, watch out: Loss of testosterone can really do a number on you. Testosterone is the hormone of virility, strength and youth. Diminished testosterone levels impede sex drive. Testosterone production drops about 50 percent between the ages of late forties and early seventies. That's a big loss for this crucial hormone. Aging is the number one…

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  • Low Testosterone

    Suppose you have low testosterone level. Whoop! But you don't know. What a condition! Wait, wait, and check out the symptoms here now. Symptoms such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, weak memory, lack of concentration, depression. Ensure the level of testosterone. If it shows low, then take Musli Kaunch Capsule. It is considered as most powerful and natural testosterone boosters for men. Testosterone hormone is mainly produced in the testicles. The main role of this particular hormone is…

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  • Testosterone Research Paper

    What is testosterone? Testosterone is the basic male or sex hormone in men produced by the testes that performs and maintains various body functions e.g. muscle mass and strength. It encourages the development of male sexual characteristics (penis growth, muscle development and Masculine features), fat distribution; bone mass, sperm production, sex drive, and potency. For these characteristic functions, testosterone is also known as "Male Hormone". Testosterone is also the most potent of the…

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  • Low Testosterone Research

    How to tell if you have low testosterone 1 Introduction Male testes produce a crucial hormone called testosterone that has a very important role in the well being of male bodies. Hypogonadism, commonly known as low testosterone or ‘low T’ is a common yet worrying complication in men. Yes, the level of testosterone naturally declines with age. According to Urology Care Foundation, men lose 20% and 30% of their testosterone level at the age of 60 and 70 respectively. But problem begins when men…

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  • Testosterone Aging Research Paper

    average testosterone production in a research study showed that men in the last 20 years have decreased by up to 30%. This is not implying all men fall into this category - but the average man does. We see this by the growing number of men with excessive body fat who lack the energy to feel satisfied with their daily movements. The rise in healthcare costs for obesity, or patients suffering from symptoms related to obesity (heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure), is further proof that…

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  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy Essay

    Introduction The percentage of men over 40 using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) tripled from 2001 to 2011¹. Newer, gel based forms of treatment have aided the ease of application and encouraged prescription rates. Along with this trend comes an increase in the data surrounding TRT. This influx adds to the large scale, randomized studies conducted on the use of TRT in hypogonadal men. TRT is widely accepted to provide relief from retarded spermatogenesis, low sex function, depression,…

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  • Testosterone Therapy Research Papers

    Testosterone hormone is the most important sex hormone men possess. It plays a role in controlling the physical characteristics of males. It is synthesized in tastes. Testosterone hormones help men to keep sperm production, sex drive, body and facial hair, red blood cell synthesis, bone density, muscle mass and strength and fat distribution. During adolescent and early adulthood stage, the levels of testosterone hormones in the human body are at their peak. As one grows older the levels of…

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  • Ultra Testosterone Formula Research Paper

    SYNC ULTRA TESTOSTERONE FORMULA SYNC Ultra Testosterone Formula is a slimming supplement that is 100% nature made. Although, it's fantastic for weight loss, SYNC is widely known for other juicy benefits. In the case of testosterone encouragement, it's an outstanding supplement. If you find that you are sluggish, you need to shed a few pounds and your sex life ain't what it used to be, you should be taking SYNC Ultra Testosterone Formula made by Bauer Nutrition. Testosterone is the male…

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