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  • Eurycea Rathbuni Essay

    Eurycea rathbuni otherwise known as Texas Blind Salamanders are incredible creatures that do not get their fair share of attention compared to animals such as cheetahs and lions. Specifically, they are only known to reside within the dark water filled caves of Edward’s Aquifer in Hays County, Texas.5 Thus, this species was discovered by the San Marcos National Fishery, which is now known as Texas State University.5,6 In 1967, Eurycea Rathbuni was listed as an endangered species, and within ten years it was entered into a breeding program at the San Marcos Fish Hatchery.3,6 The Texas Blind Salamander is a Eukaryotic organism that belongs to the Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata; Class: Amphibia; Order: Caudata; and Family: Plethodontidae.5 All members of the Class Amphillia contain a vertebrate and four legs.7 Animals within this classification must also lay their eggs in water otherwise they will die…

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  • Road Salt Research Paper

    Many studies showed that road salt has negative effects on the survival rate of amphibian populations. According to Karraker, N. E., Gibbs, J. P., Vonesh, J. R., they found that large quantities of road salt decreased survival in both Spotted salamanders and Wood frogs. Survival of their embryos also decreased significantly. Amphibians have a lower chance to metamorphose, which is the process of an organism to develop into an adult, causing a lower a survival rate. Sanzo, D., and Hecnar, S. J.…

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  • Understanding Through Senses Other Than Sight In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    by his wife’s blind friend. Originally the blind man has come to see the woman his friend who he hasn’t seen in years, however in this story the narrator is the one who benefits most from the presence of the blind man. Although the narrator is her husband the blind man seems to know more about the woman than him, the wife and the blind man have been communicating by sending tapes with recorded messages and poems to each other through mail since before the woman married her now husband, when the…

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  • Analysis Of The Ones Who Walk Away From Memelas By Le Guin

    child all for the sake of the rest of the town. An exchange for the happiness and prosperity of the town one much suffer for the sake of the town. This causes many of the people in the town to not try and do anything to help the child, even if they want to. The expectation is placed upon everyone's shoulders that if one person is to forsake a rule and demise the town, they are not to help the child in the closet. They are not to comfort or be kind to the child for it will doom the town. So the…

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  • The Role Of The Narrator In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    In the story the “Cathedral,” by Raymond Carver this is a story of a blind man named Robert gets invited to the narrator’s house. The narrator didn’t like that Robert was coming to his house, but he didn’t have a choice. The narrator didn’t want Robert in his house because he was blind. The narrator’s wife helped Robert in the summertime by reading reports. She is particularly kind toward Robert, more so than she is to her husband, which makes the narrator jealous. One night, Robert went to the…

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  • Looking Vs. Seeing In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    Critical Reading: “The Blind Man” We live in a society where people are solely judged by their appearance. We allow the media and the internet to develop our opinions. Most of us no longer take the time to get to know each other and it's rather unfortunate. The short story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is very relatable and is a great example because it deals with the idea of looking versus actually seeing. One might think that those two words are interchangeable but Carver shows that…

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  • The Blind Man In Ernest Hemingway's Cathedral

    In the story Cathedral, the narrator's mood changes from being jealous in a way to feeling connected with the blind man. In the beginning when he talks about the blind man he speaks in short sentences and avoids certain topics. Throughout the story he likes talking about his relationship with his wife and all of their good times. He likes to make jokes about the blind man saying things like "maybe I can take him bowling" and things of the sort. Gradually through the movie the narrator becomes…

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  • Symbolism In The Cathedral

    1) What does the cathedral symbolize in the story? I believe the cathedral symbolizes a few things from forgiveness and acceptance . At the beginning of the story the narrator who is also the husband was very skeptical about having Robert the blind man into his home. His excuse was “ I have no blind friends” to his wife. However, that did not stop his wife from inviting Robert in with open arms regardless of what her husband thought. The narrator at first was keeping his distance, but towards…

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  • Compare Cathedral And A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    Hard To Find, by Flannery O’Connor, the central characters are forced to deal with circumstances that change their beliefs about themselves and others. The authenticity of these two stories show you the dangers of ignorance and how you should live life the first time around. In Cathedral, there are two main characters. There is the husband, and a blind man named Robert. Raymond Carver details two polarizing characters: the blind man at first is just a visitor who the wife is really close to…

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  • Blindness In Cathedral By Robert Carver

    Robert Carver uses the character Bub, in his short story “Cathedral”, to demonstrate the difference between being physically blind and emotionally blind. Bub proves that he is capable of seeing the physical things around him, such as his wife, his home, his marijuana, and even the blind man Robert, who eventually changes his outlook on life. However, these sights are all on the surface and have no deep meaning to Bub and his one track minded life style. In fact others authors including Mark…

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