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  • Local Aquifer Essay

    SP: Local Aquifer Use What problems are associated with pumping too much water from our aquifers in Florida? What major problem seems to be associated with parts of primarily Hillsborough County during late January and February? What is the reason for this and how does it disrupt peoples’ lives? Water just flows above ground right? Wrong. Water can even come from an underground source, as a few sorts of rocks have minor spaces, or pores in them which gradually permit liquids to move through. These openings are exceptionally little - the spaces between grains of sand are substantial by examination. A stone that has this property and holds a generous measure of water in it is an underground water source - an aquifer. At times you do undoubtedly…

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  • Floridian Aquifer Essay

    The Rising Nitrate Levels in the Floridian Aquifer The Floridian Aquifer is often referred to as the life blood of the state. With over 1,000 springs throughout Florida being fed freshwater from depths of up to 2,000 feet, no other aquifer in the United States can compare. Many of the aquifer fed springs, that once flowed millions of gallons of crystal clear 72-degree water, are now nothing more than algae filled mud holes. The aquifer is in peril, and one of the main contributors to the decline…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Aquifers

    Should the Texan governments strict pass laws that govern the safety of water through aquifers? It is estimated that 55% of Texas water supply is retrieved from groundwater also known as aquifers. Aquifers are used for different purposes such as manufacturing, livestock, mining however more than three quarters percent is used for irrigation. Throughout this research, we find that most of the aquifers are contaminated through petroleum spillages. Petroleum spillages in aquifers cause tremendous…

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  • Edwards Aquifer Authority V Dewe Summary

    Annotated Bibliography Topic Selection/Case Study: Edwards v. Day and McDaniel and Underground Water Rights in Texas. Thesis Statement: The recent ruling of Edwards Aquifer Authority V. Day and McDaniel is an encouraging step in Texan property owners’ just fight for more control over their underground water. Sources Johnson, R., & Ellis, G. (2013). Commentary: A New Day? Two Interpretations of the Texas Supreme Court’s Ruling in Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Day and McDaniel. Texas Water…

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  • Florida Water Depletion

    The state of Florida is known for its natural springs, which originate from the underground Floridan aquifer. Aquifers are underground caverns where water is collected from runoff. The aquifer also provides water for practical residential usage, agricultural irrigation, commercial and industrial usage. In the 1800s water was abundant, in order to create more residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial settings, the state had to undertake acts to rid the land of water. According to…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Wildfires

    The deeper the aquifer, the less ability it has to refill with a portion of them lacking the capability to refill ever "potentially changing how and where we can live and grow food, among other things" (Dimick pg. 3). A report from Stanford University reveals that 60 percent of the water needs from California are coming from Aquifers during years of drought and approximately 40 percent during non-drought years (Dimick pg. 4). Aquifers can predominantly be slowly replenished excluding the…

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  • Precambrian Shield Case Study

    In the Precambrian Shield there are no continuous aquifers and ground water is only found in the fractured and weathered zones of Precambrian rock. These various aquifers are located primarily in gneiss and granite. The Precambrian shield only makes up a small portion of eastern Bolivia. Aquifers in this province are generally shallow at depth less than 90 meters and due to this many of the aquifers are biologically contaminated near populated areas (Roebuck et al. 2004). Majority of the ground…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Drought

    strain on the earth. Droughts are caused due to climate change, it is a period of below-average precipitation in a given region, resulting in prolonged shortages in water supply and in California we are entering our fourth year of a record drought and should be taken serious as it is considered a drought if only after fifteen days of not receiving enough water, so we then depend on Aquifers. Lack of rainfall cause meteorological draughts and lack of water table because of absence of water deep…

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  • Keystone Pipeline Summary

    construction.” In January of 2014, the United States Department of the State issued an executive summary of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Within the summary, the State Department listed off various concerns that may arise with the construction of the pipeline. The environmental issue listed included “Climate change, including lifecycle GHG emissions associated with oil sands, potential for releases or spills of oil, wetlands, water resources, including effects on groundwater aquifers” to name a…

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  • Climate Change In The Southeast Region

    hinder some purposeful alterations as well. For example, expanding population and land-use fragmentation will hinder prescribed burning which is very useful in adapting to extreme temperatures. Therefore, much dialogue must be centered around the most efficient way to alter the environment and compensate for it at the same time. The last dilemma covered by the National Climate Assessment is water availability. Water availability is already an issue as a result of rising temperatures but it is…

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