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  • Groundwater Regulations

    Groundwater regulations, support or oppose? I support them. Due to a drought there has been less water for everyone living in these areas. Farmers wanting as much water as they can get to insure their crops growth, have been drilling wells all over their property. With all the new wells being drilled, the groundwater has been going away faster than expected. I believe that there should be regulations set in place to help save the groundwater. With minimal to no water, it will not only be harder to get your needs meet but living will be more expensive. There will be endless drives or walks to get the things you need. Imagine Driving or walking to the laundromat every time you or your family needs clean cloths, or going to the supermarket to try to get water bottles. But it's not always a guarantee there will be water there for you to drink. The bigger problem is when you get home. You will have to decide to use the minimal water you do have for disses, to flush the toilet…

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  • Water Flow Lab

    Most water on earth is found in oceans and is salty, while most water that is used by human needs to be freshwater, whether it be for drinking, agriculture or cooking. Our freshwater sources are mainly frozen in ice caps and glaciers, but these sources are not always accessible by people depending on their location. In much of the continental United States, the main source of freshwater is taken from our groundwater sources. Maintaining the quality of this critical source is key to our survival…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Wildfires

    California are coming from Aquifers during years of drought and approximately 40 percent during non-drought years (Dimick pg. 4). Aquifers can predominantly be slowly replenished excluding the occasions these resources are drained. In the instances where the aquifers are drained, they can collapse and cause many ground collapsing events. Brian Howard describes how the water table, level of ground water, has dramatically deteriorated from 500 feet to 1000 feet in Central Valley, and the rate for…

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  • Agriculture Pollution Essay

    holding tank directly into the aquifer through and irrigation well. Groundwater is the largest source of freshwater. Groundwater is water contained in the pore spaces between oil and rocks below the Earth’s surface. The supply of Groundwater is larger than all the streams and lakes of the world combined. Groundwater pollution is a serious problem because many people depend on groundwater for their drinking water. Car pollution of soil and groundwater comes from various sources, such as runoff…

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  • Cl-36 Dating

    and geochronologic data which were collected from various published sources, groundwater samples for Cl-36 dating were collected in the Egyptian part from Siwa area, surroundings, Qattara Depression, west Farafra and north Behariya by the author. Two 750-ml polyethylene bottles of each sample were filled for Cl-36 analysis. The collected samples were prepared for accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) analysis of 36Cl by precipitation and purification of AgCl. Chlorine-36 was measured at the PRIME…

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  • Fracking Advantages And Disadvantages

    Fracking is the process of drilling deep into the earth’s crust and injecting water, sand and chemicals under immense pressure in order to obtain natural gas. With this process there are benefits and also disadvantages. There are many risks to groundwater from surface spills that are associated with shale energy development, they can be managed or mitigated by following certain precautions and steps. Groundwater is present throughout the atmosphere. There is surface water, atmospheric water and…

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  • Murray Darling Basin Analysis

    It often occurs where crops and pastures that use less water as they have shallow roots replace deep-rooted vegetation. This causes an increase in leakage to the groundwater system in which can lead to movement of salts stored in the soil in some areas. Saline groundwater could also rise to the surface in some low-lying areas, groundwater could also flow underground directly into streams and rivers. • Irrigation Salinity- irrigation salinity is the rise in saline groundwater and the build up of…

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  • Vashon Groundwater Modeling

    To: Michael Brown From: Katherine Midkiff Subject: Analysis of Vashon Groundwater Modeling Report Date: June 7, 2016 Introduction This analysis is being written in order to evaluate the “Vashon-Maury Island Hydrologic Modeling: Technical Report” and determine whether or not the results of the report are adequate enough to be used for future regional groundwater planning (“ESS 454,” n.d.). I will make this determination by taking note of how well the technical report provides answers to the…

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  • Drought In California

    This fact can be observed through policies created by the government as well as innovations and new water management techniques. The drought has made a serious impact on agriculture, but the rest of California’s economy has been stable. During the drought, groundwater levels have been severely depleted and certain fish species have almost reached extinction. Even with all the negative results that have occurred, positive outcomes have occurred from the drought as well. The use of black balls in…

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  • Arsenic In Drinking Water

    contaminated water are found in the West, Midwest and Northeast areas of the United States (Smedley & Kinniburgh, 2012). In a risk assessment done by Kumar et al.,, (2010) they found that private wells also referred to as domestic supplies had higher amounts of arsenic contaminated water than drinking water that came from public water supplies. In the United States an estimated amount of 35 million people use private wells to get their water from, meaning that about 12% of communities or homes…

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