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  • Anna R Morrison Social Media Reflection

    On Wednesday, November 11, 2015, I, Anna R. Morrison, was leading my afternoon class, Capstone. Their final assignment was to give a group presentation on the impact of social media. The presentations began around 1:30; each group presenting on the meaning of social media. The presentations were going great as the students had worked very hard with the topic at hand. It was in the second hour of presentations that the reason for this letter presents itself. Mr. Kyle Clevenger, Sophie Sorenson, and Steven Lyons got up in front of the class to present their information. They did a great job other than, per the assignment, provided more opinions than expert information to back their personal claims. Despite that, they did a great job.…

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  • Presentation Reflection Essay

    Presentations have never been my strong suit, whether it is talking about myself in front of a group of people to presenting a complex situation to a class. By taking this course I am hoping that I’ll be able to boost my confidence when it comes to public speaking. I have had to complete many presentation in the past but I have yet to master the ability to present well in front of large groups. The first project that we were assigned in my communication class was to get to know our classmate…

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  • Applying Associative Property To Multiply

    auditory and linguistic will grasp the concept of Associative property of multiplication. I will also explain the students the order of operation, PEMDAS; Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction. I will say to the students, when we are doing associative property and we are dealing with three numbers and there is a parenthesis or other operation involves, we have to always go back to the order of operation to help us decide which operations to do first. I will…

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  • The Importance Of Multiplication Facts

    Demonstrated through creation of flashcards by accurately writing the product of the fact shown and on assessments. CC.2.2.3.A.1 Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division. Creation of multiplication problems through game activities 10.5.3.F Recognize and describe game strategies using appropriate vocabulary. I was working with third grade standards because understanding multiplication chart begins in third grade and all students should and need to be proficient with…

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  • Organizational Structure Problem

    and employees face many obstacles relating to working in groups on assigned projects in order to complete those projects that ultimately contribute to the bottom line, or enables the company to remain a competitive force within their assigned industry. There are many reasons as to why groups experience conflict but one business I want to highlight refers to conflict within the organizational structure. "Good introductory paragraph Organizational Structure Good use of headings; According to…

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  • Multiculturalism In Zootopia

    Introduction As individuals, we all have an identity in society, whether we appreciate it or not. Which means we may belong to a community or a group that our identities align within the world. As the population continues to experience a substantial growth, it helps to create different identities that help to influence our government and social structure. We live in a diverse society, which helps us expand our identity and enable individuals to be able to interact with others to create a…

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  • Doing The Right Thing Group Bible Study By Charles Colon

    The video, Doing the Right Thing group Bible study by Charles Colson, Brit Hume, reminded me how morally and spiritually bankrupt our society has become. Greed and corruption run rampant among our business, schools, government, homes, and sadly, even our schools. Pride and greed tend to work together in the lives of many people, leading to divorce, neglect, addictions, theft, and many other immoral actions. Chuck Colson gave an excellent explanation of self-righteousness when he stated,…

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  • Scientific Method Essay

    of it one by one. 5. By the second penny, our boat began taking in water and started to descend to the bottom of the bowl. Data Group Pennies Description Group 1 99 Group 2 140 Group 3 53 Group 4 130 Group 5 105 Group 6 200 Group 7 60 Group 8 (Our Group) 2 Post Lab Questions 1. What were the controls (aka constants) of this experiment? • The controls, or constants, of this experiment are the capacity of fluids we used and the quantity of the aluminum foil. We only received one 12…

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  • The Importance Of Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” implies that beauty is subjective and that one decides what is beautiful and what is not. However, there are things that are objectively beautiful that were created by God. Beauty fits into Christianity because of these inherent beauties, as seen, in nature, in things that are symmetrical, and in things that have order. Inherently beautiful things were created to draw our attention to value and importance in God’s design. First, God created nature to be…

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  • Reflection Of Participation In A Case Conversation

    I liked how you engaged the entire group in labeling your drawing not because you did not know but because you wanted more people to participate in the discussion. Importantly, few times you went back to the case making connections between discussed material and patients symptoms described in the case. We definitely need to do this more often. You also had a very nice case presentation this Friday. I am pleased you shared with me in your reflection that you want to advance your case presentation…

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