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  • What's Your Sign Integer Addition Video Analysis

    The video I chose to watch from the Teaching Channel was called What 's Your Sign: Integer Addition. This video was about eight graders in a pre-algebra class. The main topic that the video discussed was addition with integers. This video was about five minutes long, and although it was short, it was packed full of information. This video on integer addition goes along with chapter 5.1: Addition and Subtraction of Integers. In this video the teacher, Ms. Krasnow, was teaching her students how to add and subtract with integers, without getting mixed when it comes to your answer being positive or negative. Since dealing with integers is such a pivotal point in algebra, it is important that the students learn how to add and subtract integers…

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  • Difference Between Positive And Negative Person

    others and themselves, and they work hard to show that their optimism is warranted. They motivate others and are quick to solicit help when needed. They listen to advise offered by others and ensure that constructive outcomes are achieved for the task assigned to them. Another disparity between negative and positive people is their perceptions of success. Positive people are more often than not motivated by the achievements of others and aim to emulate them and achieve the same (Sua). They…

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  • Numeracy In Schools

    included because I teach math to all of them. Classes are taught daily for 45 minutes. Once a week, each class is seen for an additional 45 minutes. In addition, none of the students are officially identified as having learning disabilities, even though it is known that at least 4 students out of the 72 do based on prior experience. Also, no students are identified as gifted and talented. There are no set systems in place such as Individual Education Plans or 504s on paper. Based on teacher…

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  • The Building Blocks Of Algebra Unit Analysis

    introduce the skills needed to master equivalent expressions and seeing structure in expressions. In this lesson, each one of the four previous lesson skills is drawn upon. Whether it is manipulating numbers by using the number properties to working with variables, anything can be expected. The structure of writing expressions progressively increasing in complexity (eMath Instructional Inc., 2016). Exponents as a repeated multiplication skills are honed in on in lesson seven. Students will begin…

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  • Real World Project: My Future Career After High School

    choose the University Of Washington is because it’s a college in my city so I get the price advantage also the University of washington also is one of the best graduate colleges to go if you want to become a dentist. In addition go DAWGS!, a lot of my family attends the University of Washington and I want to join them. The average salary for a dentist is $88,400, I found this by research this number is the rate for my equation. For my undergraduate the cost for 1 year of college is $19,279, and…

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  • Intrinsic Heart Experiment

    2b). A minimum heart rate of 33.7 + 0.577 beats/min (N=3) was observed with no additions. After the addition of ephinephrine, a significant increase in heart rate from 33.7 + 0.577 beats/min (N=3) to 37.7 + 0.577 beats/min (N=3) was observed. After the addition of eserine, no significant difference in heart rate was observed relative to the baseline value. Following the addition of atropine, a significant increase in heart rate from 33.7 + 0.577 beats/min (N=3) to 37.7 + 0.577 beats/min (N=3)…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Day At Media Elementary School

    On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, I spent the day at Media Elementary School in the Rose Tree Media School District assisting 4th-grade teacher Mrs. Williamson. Mrs. Williamson is a teacher with 23 years of experience and she spent most her career with Media Elementary School. The school day for the students begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm. I was supposed to report at 8:45 am as the teacher began preparing for the class few minutes before the students entered the classroom. I reached there at…

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  • Math Interview Questions

    For instance, when I asked him to solve some mental multiplication problems he seemed as he lost sense of what he needed to do. The student told me, “That’s too hard for me to solve”. Then I as a teacher asked him of what he will think to do first to solve the problem. He later responded to use a place value table to solve the problem, but he still seemed kind of lost. Then he told me to add 0+3 to get the answer which was way off from what you do in a multiplication problem. Furthermore, I…

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  • Powhatan's Relationship With The Natives Of Jamestown By John Smith

    One way that the Jamestown colonists differed from both the French and the Spanish is that they never formed any military alliances with local tribes. They did trade, but they did not fight with natives against other natives like the French and Spanish did. Also, unlike the French, Jamestown wanted the natives to become vassals of James I, the French just wanted to trade while Jamestown wanted the natives to become part of their nation. In addition, unlike the French, they ended up fighting…

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  • Lesson Analysis: Lesson Analysis And Reflection

    Lesson Analysis & Reflection The lesson analysis and reflection will be over a mathematics lesson taught to a small group of second graders in a resource room. The timing of this lesson was appropriate. I had enough time to go over the lesson thoroughly. I finished a few minutes early and was able to re-iterate the strategies taught during the lesson. I was also able to implement more problems to make the lesson more concrete for a better understanding of the strategy. The benefits of this…

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