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  • Personal Narrative: My Love For Colleges

    good film, everything. I’m helping my friend make youtube videos just because I love the art of framing a scene, even if it’s a teenager’s vlog. By now I assume you are wondering what on earth this has to do with a security internship at Amazon. Well roughly five months ago my computer stopped working; I picked it up during a Windows update, corrupting the installation. Suddenly I had a problem, about two hundred gigabytes of files were on the laptop hard drive. Now numbers like that can be a bit hard to grasp, so think of it this way: The American Standard Code for Information Interchange, or ASCII, is one of the oldest and most influential systems for character storage. ASCII uses one byte to store a character such as a “A”, “3”, “h”, etc., it is just about the simplest most efficient way of storing english text. If you saved to Guinness world record holding longest book in ASCII it would be just over ten megabytes. Ten megabytes goes into two hundred gigabytes twenty thousand times. I, of course, needed that data, and while it was not lost, it certainly was not a simple task to retrieve it, I guarantee that this paragraph will bring us back to Amazon, or at least the connection to Amazon. But first the conclusion to my earlier conundrum. Linux. If for some reason you have not heard of Linux, a Unix-like computer operating system, in fact, the most popular computer operating system outside of desktop computers. I solved my problem by installing Linux on part of my…

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  • Email Outreach Research Paper

    For most, email outreach isn’t just difficult—it’s embarrassing. Persuading a blogger, journalist, or influencer is not for the weak. You only have a few seconds to grab the person’s attention. That’s why crafting an effective outreach email is important. The goal is not to bore the recipient or waste her time. If you do, your pitch will never receive a response. Here are five reasons why your emails suck and how you can fix these issues: 1. No Introduction Too many outreach emails miss…

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  • The CMS 1500: Health Care Advantage

    order to accommodate HIPPA requirements for 837I transaction standard on how data is transmitted during submission. Because of these changes CMS-1500 08/05 form was changed to CMS- 1500 02/12 to accommodate ICD-10 codes which was effective on October 1st, 2014 for all health plans. CMS-1500 02/12 allows facility’s to use ICD-10 codes as well as ICD-9 codes that provide scanable reading of QR codes which limit billing diagnosis codes that was previously in the old CMS 1500 08/05. CMS -1500…

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  • The Input-Process-Output Model For Information Processing Systems

    hypothesis based on what you learned • Try again – to keep learning more -Unknown, New – Define a business strategy to compete with other supermarket chains c. Using the input-process-output model to analyze an information processing system: the input data, the output information, and the processes that transform the input data to the output information 1 2. Hardware – a. The hardware devices in a computer and their role in the inputprocess- output model Input Process Output Keyboard…

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  • Ghost In The Machine Chapter 3 Analysis

    a word, many word processors track changes made to the document. It is important to be cautious about sending confidential information. Information can be hidden in the form of images. Computers do not attach the same weight to images that we do. To a computer, images are just bits transferred from one place to another. “Image documents provide unlimited opportunities for hiding things intentionally- hiding secrets from the casual human observers, and obscuring open messages destined for human…

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  • Personnel Involvement Essay

    For this partition survey, I had helped the surveyors in finding the old boundary marks during the reconnaissance survey. Not only that, I helped in booking the bearing and distance while doing the horizontal control that is a closed traverse. Most of the calculation such as the calculation to check the observation of the traversing network and the misclosure of the traversing done at the field are being calculated by me. I also helped the surveyors and chainman to dig the soil to plant the new…

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  • The Importance Of Information Storage

    aluminum, glass, or ceramic,”[2] that are coated with a material allowing data to be magnetically recorded on the surface. 2 Biological and Digital Processes To understand the workings of the DNA storage process, its individual components must be understood first, with the most fundamental concept being how a computer works. They are electric machines, utilizing switches to direct the flow of energy. “If the switch is closed, the electricity flows; if the switch is open, the electricity does…

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  • Inequality In The Criminal Justice System

    2013. “Americans See Growing Gap between Rich and Poor.” Pew Research Center RSS. Retrieved July 14, 2016 ( Ghandnoosh, Nazgol. 2015. “Black Lives Matter: Eliminating Racial Inequity in the Criminal Justice System | The Sentencing Project.” The Sentencing Project. Retrieved July 14, 2016…

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  • Essay On Life Without Technology

    and MS-DOS likewise pushed out competing operating systems” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016). Because Microsoft quickly surpasses other computer programs at the time, Gates holds strained relations with other technological entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Jobs and Wozniak collaborate to release the Apple’s first computer in 1976 known as the “Apple 1.” Despite the company’s long-lasting success, their first machine starts off with only “25 sold during nine or ten months. Unlike…

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  • Difference Between Uniform Crime Reports And NIBRS

    ). The NIBRS’s in-depth information program can give the impression that an agency has a much higher level of crime, which leave law enforcement unenthusiastic about shifting from the UCR to the NIBRS (Effects of NIBRS on Crime Statistics, n.d.). This information referring to the level of crimes is very important, NIBRS data can be combine with other citywide data for an analysis on a more descriptive view of criminal activity within the community, which is helpful in gathering better evidence…

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