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  • Religious Tradition Essay

    (Akhirah). Furthermore he stressed that those who pray and recite the Holy Quran but disrespect their mothers they will not succeed either. The Imam also stated that in the Holy Quran there is belief which “that after Allah and his messenger are mothers fall in place that how much of value they are.” He used an example of a man that tried to pay his mother back. The man did not know which way to approach this, so he carried his mother on his back and performed the Muslim pilgrimage (Hajj) 7 times. Even in that instance he still did not pay back his mother for all the work and effort she put in him. The lecture was the first sermon while the second was the supplication (Dua). After this, the muezzin makes the call to prayer, called the (Adhan) which will signal the start of the main two prayers (Rakats) prayer of…

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  • Jewish Birth Ceremony Essay

    Adhan is the call to prayer that is recited five times a day. Generally the adhan is whispering softly in the child’s right ear. However, in some Islamic communities, the adhan also repeats to the left ear Muslims Mimic the act of Prophet Muhammad peace upon him in performing this ritual. It is mentioned that, he recited the adhan into his grandson's ears. By that, the adhan’s words are the first and last words that are heard by Muslim in his or her life. As the Shahadah, There is no God but…

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  • Humayun Tomb Analysis

    wealth, health and time to build this amazing building. The building which is now just a tourist spot for travelers, a target for terrorists, a liability for the government and study material for architects and historians. While taking the ticket to see this grand Resting place of a King, lets feel the pain, joy and struggle behind the monument and start out journey with the story of a King his queen and her love. The Plot “He tumbled in life and finally tumbled out of it too” Perfect Words…

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  • Cultural Lenses In America

    that come with each and every religions it what makes them so unique. For instance, in christianity, baptism is a form of cleansing which is generally done once. While in islam a form of cleansing would be called wudu, which is done five times a day before the daily prayers. These unique religious traditions are what undoubtedly shape the cultures of each and every country. For example - in Morocco - the mosques there are not only built extremely big, but you’ll notice that every mosque has a…

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  • Summary Of Seeking Allah Finding Jesus By Nabeel Qureshi

    by giving non-Muslim readers an insider 's perspective into a Muslim 's heart and mind..." (Qureshi, 2014, p.17). 2) "To equip you with facts and knowledge, showing the strength of the case for the gospel in contrast with the case for Islam" (Qureshi, 2014, p.18). 3) "To portray the immense inner struggle of Muslims grappling with the gospel, including the sacrifices and doubts" (Qureshi, 2014, p.18). This novel offers a fascinating testimony that has opened my eyes as a Christian to the Islamic…

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  • Bruno Nettl: The Universality Of Music

    their society as it was in the Americas and in every other tribe scattered anywhere on the planet. I believe that this clearly shows that there is some kind of genetic influence behind music, as even without prior knowledge of other tribes doing this music existed in most societies. Even though music is universal in the fact that it is played and listened to in almost all countries, I believe that because it differs so much depending on where one is that music may actually not be a universal…

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  • Importance Of Mosque Essay

    the mosque is the Mihrab. The most decoration is found in the Mihrab because it is considered as a compass which pointed towards Mecca also known as Qiblah. The Mihrab is the most essential element of a mosque. It is the direction in which all the Muslims pray also known as the direction of Qiblah. No matter where the mosque is the mihrab tells the exact location of Qiblah. The columns of the Mihrab of this mosque is arranged in Ionic order with swirling Arabesque ceramic tiles. It is the most…

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  • Short Story Of Esther

    In the village, of Persia lived a Jewish family. The family consisted of a mother, father, and uncle. The mother's name was Jana and the father's name was Adhan. The name of the uncle was Mordecai. It happened that as time went by the mother gave birth to a beautiful daughter who both parents agreed to name the baby girl Esther. She was given the name Esther because she was fair to look upon. It happened that both parents died from a rare disease at the time, so it was now up to the uncle…

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  • Religious Freedom In Trouble By Michael De Groote

    religious freedom, and respects the religious norms. Although in some countries there is violence over religion, there are people who are trying to learn different religions and their norms. The September eleventh incident allowed Americans to gain an interest in the Islamic religion and accept Muslim people. This was known when the sales of Qurans skyrocketed (Prothero par. 6). Based on the quote from the previous sentence some people are not discriminating against any religion they are…

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