Importance Of Mosque Essay

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A Mosque plays a very important role in a Muslim Society. A Mosque also known as a Masjid is a Holy place where all the Muslims gather to worship Allah Almighty. The word “Masjid” is an Arabic word which simply means “place of prostration”. The mosque also has a spiritual impact on all the Muslims, as they enter the mosque they get a feeling of relaxation, peace, sense of respect as they are stepping into the house of their creator. They act with Humility, dignity and humbleness as they pray. The mosque I will be discussing about is named as “Abdul Al Aziz Al Wazzan”. It was named Al Wazzan after the architect and the builder of the mosque named as “Al Marhoom Abdul Al-Aziz Al-Ali Al-Wazzan”. It was built in the year 1366 AH (Islamic year ) …show more content…
They are in different sizes and well decorated. These Chandeliers are also an important feature of the mosque. The light is an important feature as it represents that the first and last prayer of the day occurs before the sun rises and after the sun sets. These lights actually highlight the verses of Quran as well which actually makes them more prominent.
` There is a digital clock found right beside the Mihrab. It can be found in all the mosques. It shows the timings of the prayers and it changes the time automatically according to the HIJRI calendar. The mosque also has small shelves with Holy Quran which is found in all the mosques. The main hall of the mosque not only serves for praying but also for teaching purposes and Islamic conferences. The mosque has a thick red carpet which is shaped as a Mihrab where everyone prays. It is same in both the women and men section. The mosque has a women praying section which is located at the side of the mosque. The woman praying section is kept quite simple. It consists of a small area for ablution. The women section is not decorated with all the patterns and motifs. It is just a small room with some chairs and

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