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  • Describe The Differences Between Joseph And Hebrew Bible

    way that they are written. The Qur’an is the ancient sacred text of the Muslims It was delivered to the prophet Mohammed by the angel Gabriel over a twenty-three-year period. It is composed of 114 suras, and it lacks the lyrical style that the Hebrew bible text has. The Hebrew bible is the sacred text of the Jews. It is written with more detail and dramatization. The diction used to portray the character and moral values are different. The story of the prophet Joseph, told in both the Qur’an and The Hebrew Bible, are written in different styles and have differences within the plot In the Hebrew Bible the story of Joseph is told with detail. It has the lineage and historical value of the character incorporated in the moral of the story. “This is the lineage of Jacob-Joseph, seventeen years old, was tending the flock with his brothers, assisting the sons of Bilhah and the sons of…

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  • Islam Theological Analysis

    of faith to any Muslim is. There are various references in the Islam religion the most important is the Qur’an that means to read. This is a book that is considered as the holy book and as the overall word of God showing Gods revelation to man as reveled to the prophet of humanity called Muhammad over a period of 23 years through Jibril, a prophet of God (Veninga, 2014). The Hadith are the second after the Qur’an. They put down the actions, teachings and rulings of Mohammed as conveyed by his…

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  • Religious Violence In Islam

    Islam, the religion of the Muslims. A monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammed as the Prophet of Allah. Islam has gone through a great deal of scrutiny due to its violent history originating in the early days of the prophet Muhammed, who preached violence to his disciples in the Muslim religious text the Qur’an. A well known Christian evangelist and author Pat Robertson stated, “Although many Muslims are peaceful, Islam is not a religion of peace.” There is a consistent theme…

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  • What Is The Rivalry Between Sarah And Hagar's Story Summary

    The Qur’an engages the Islamic people into the development of cultural beliefs and laws. In the article Shared Stories, Rival Telling’s, Gregg develops the comparison of Sarah and Hagar’s story throughout a variety of religions. Also, Gregg calls into question the Qur’an legality in the story of Sarah and Hagar. Sarah and Hagar’s story represents the Muslim woman in a manner legally correct according to the Qur’an where both woman were wives of Abram, neither were left without any inheritance…

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  • Sufism In Islam Essay

    Different Sufis followed different Tariqas which is ways of life and is put into Turuq which are orders. Each Turuq had leaders which were called sheikhs, there job was to pass knowledge to the other people in the group, but also to train and assist disciples in the mastery of Sufism’s philosophical principles and ritual practices so that they could then pass them on to the next generation (BBC, 2009). The Qur’anic origins of Sufism like perfection and immanence are connected to two magnitudes…

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  • John Kaltner: Book Review

    Professor John Kaltner, known award winner for his writing, has a new book which offers an introduction to the Qur 'an. It goes over the contents, use of the sacred text, origin of it, and the structure of the Qur’an. Offering a selection of views, the work allows the modern reader to openly discuss and analyze the issues and themes of the Islamic holy book. After the introduction to the book that elaborates and situates how the Qur 'an is studied by Muslims and experienced in life, Kaltner 's…

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  • Meaning Of Quaran In Islam

    Today, there is a lot of controversy regarding the Qur’an and its principles. Some people have attempted to justify violent acts by claiming they were following the religious text. The writing provides numerous principles and commandments for how Islamic people should live their lives in order to please Allah, or God. Many people choose ways of peace while acting according to these principles. The Qur’an allows room for interpretation in its teachings, and therefore can be portrayed in many…

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  • Umma And Religion

    Love was regarded as a divine obligation. Unlike Christian idea, there was no restriction of choosing lovers (The Ring of Dove, page). However, there should be neither monkery nor overindulgence in sex (Mckay et al. page). Fornication was also a sin (Qur’an, “A Code of Personal Behavior”, sura 17:22-39). Even at a special time, there were still restriction and freedom coexisting. For example, In the month of Ramadan, people could not have sex during the daytime, but when the night came, they…

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  • Radical Islamophobia

    “There is no compulsion where the religion is concerned (Quran 2:256). “And create not disorder in the earth after it has been set in order, and call upon Him in fear and hope. Surely, the mercy of Allah is nigh unto those who do good” (Quran 7:57). “...and that you kill not the life which Allah has made sacred, save by right. That is what He has enjoined upon you, that you may understand” (Quran 6:152). The widely unaccepted interpretation of verses from the Qur’an as justification for terror…

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  • Spread Of Islam

    How is it that they are changing the world? What does the Qur’an say? Is their religion the true one? All of these questions are important to ask, since the religion of Islam has been one of the fastest growing religions in the world today. Many estimate that in just a few decades, the amount of Muslims in the world is expected to increase substantially.…

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