Islamic Feminism In Islam

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Feminism is a way of looking at the world, where women are seen less equal to men. It is a way of classifying that there is male dominance, and it is a scheme that in the social and political context demises women (Osborne, 2001). Islamic feminism can be gathered through understanding the decree from Qur’an and hadith which defines the rights and justice for women and men. Islamic feminism is highly criticised and it is also acknowledged by a lot of people. Due to misinterpretation there is a lot of misunderstanding about what Islam says about women. Islam does show disrespect to women, but they are rather given a higher praise. For one instance according to a hadith “paradise lies at the mother’s feet” (SUNNAH.COM, n.d.). That would be one …show more content…
“The Creator of heavens and earth: He has made for you pairs from among yourselves ...” (Qur 'an 42:1 1). “And Allah has given you mates of your own nature, and has given you from your mates, children and grandchildren, and has made provision of good things for you. Is it then in vanity that they believe and in the grace of God that they disbelieve?” (Qur 'an 16:72).

Hassan in his writing states that the Qur 'an does not discriminate against women and argues that it is not the case of what many Muslims, Christians, and Jews support and follow. But the Muslims, Christians and Jews rather believe that woman was created not only from man but also for man (Hassan, 1999). Hassan’s views is further supported in the Qur’an as
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Women on the Gold Coast of Africa were rather independent, they engaged in trade and possessed quite a lot of wealth as well before the concepts and ideas of western feminism was introduced to them. The African and Asian women stated that Islam was not oppressing them. European influence caused African women to be strapped out of agriculture and trade and lose their political views on the government (M.E.Hawkesworth, 2006).
Islam emphasises the status of a mother more than any other religion. According to the Islamic teachings, Muslims are taught to treat parents with great respect especially a mother. A mother’s status is given much higher than of the father because of various reasons one of which is she carried the child in her womb for 9 months while facing hardship during her pregnancy and great pain during the birth. The Qur’an

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