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  • Sharia In Islam

    Sharia is the law of Islam and it is Islam’s legal system which is derived from both the Holy Quran which is the Islam’s central text, the Sunnah (the practice and teachings of the prophet Muhammad) and also from the fatwas which are the rulings of the Islamic scholars. Sharia is an Arabic word which means: “The clear, well-trodden path to water.” Sharia law acts as a code for living that all Muslims should adhere to, including prayers, fasting and donation to poor. It aims to help Muslims understand how they should lead every aspect of their lives according to God’s wishes. As a legal system, sharia law is exceptionally broad. While other legal codes regulate public behaviors, sharia law regulates public behavior, private behavior, private…

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  • Sharia In Quran

    While Sharia is generally thought to be a set of unchanging beliefs and principles and seen as a legal code, it is important to note that it is more so a moral code that is not unchangeable and unable to adapt with time and place. Moreover, for Sharia to continue to be a defining element of Islamic society, it needs to be contextualised so as to suit modern circumstances. This idea that Sharia is static, unchangeable, and unable to adapt to time and place, is a highly Westernised view. For this…

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  • Essay On Sharia

    Sharia, literally “the way,” is the legal code of Islam. Sharia essentially comes from Mohammed’s teachings. Therefore, the development of Sharia began in 610 CE, when Mohammed began prophesizing about Allah. Over the next thousand or so years, as Islam spread throughout the world, Mohammed’s words were written down and interpreted. Over time the teachings and interpretations became official legal documents called the Quran and Sunna, which act similarly to the Torah and Gemara in Jewish…

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  • Sharia In The Modern World

    has developed, and new governing rules have been established. Some are drawn from the Islamic teaching known as sharia, and they demand application in most Islamic countries or societies. The modern world is however opposed to some of the sharia laws since they tend to undermine sensitive issues in the contemporary world. The sharia in most cases does not recognize the gender issues, some human rights and democratic issues relevant in the modern world. Islamic law in the modern world seems…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Sharia

    company, which would traditionally practice Common law, the differences between these systems can present not only cultural, but transactional issues. One direct example of this is the fact that according to Sharia law, it is improper to charge interest on a loan which is common place in the United States because of the assumed time value of money. Should a company from Saudi Arabia, for example, choose to borrow money they could be highly offended by the audacity of a company to request payment…

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  • Effects Of Sharia Law

    The Current Effects Sharia Law Has on Islamic Countries Sharia Law comes from the Arabic language which translates to “path”. Its main sources are from the Quran and the Hadiths with are the opinions and life experiences of Muhammad. It is the foundation of Islamic Law. Sharia plays a significant role in thirteen countries. Sharia deals with many aspects in its devotee’s life. It impacts their everyday life such as hygiene, diet, and sexual orientation. Sharia also deals with the big picture…

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  • Quran Vs Sharia

    Did you know that an Islamic woman once had to suffer ninety lashes and was sentenced to prison for associating in public with a man that she had no relations with (Harrison)? For years Islamic women have been oppressed by government laws and their status as human beings has almost been reduced to nothing. The Quran and the Sharia are at the soul of the Muslim faith, yet government changes done to the Sharia laws have oppressed Islamic women, altering their marital liberties, they way they…

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  • What Is Sharia Law?

    Much criticism lately has been given towards Islamic Law, otherwise known as “Sharia Law.” The criticism stems from the harsh penalties for acts that in many other legal systems around the world, like common law, would not be crimes. Sharia is especially harsh on women, people of other faiths, and homosexuals. Substantive Common, Civil and Criminal Law Most developed countries have some sort of Common Law, which governs criminal law, and civil law. Many counties ' legal systems are based…

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  • Muslim Sharia Law Essay

    Muslim Sharia law can be defined as Islamic code that governs a Muslim’s belief and actions. The Sharia is based on Quran and Sunnah. The Quran is the holy book for Muslims and Sunnah is written collections on the sayings and practices of Muhammed the last prophet in Islam. In Sharia law there are many rules Such as, homosexuality is prohibited, abortion is prohibited, and alcohol and gambling is forbidden. Sharia law in U.S is not common; however, each and every state needs to comply and…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Sharia Law

    differently than others. The Sharia law is frowned upon by most societies, and it brings up the question of whether these two types of controls can really coexist with one another in one country. The answer, presumably, is no. The laws and legal systems between these two types of controls are contradicting, so if the governments were to assume that Sharia Law can exist within a western democracy, it would surely result in utter chaos and distress from both parties. Examples of these include the…

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