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  • Rhetoric Definitions: The Holy Hadith And Al

    3.The Holy Hadith and Al’-Buhkari The literary or language meaning of the word Hadith is communication, story, conversation, whereas, religious or theological meaning of this term signifies The Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and teachings. According to Bill Warner(2010) Hadith is “ what Prophet Mohammad did or said”. Islamic scholars distinguish different categories of Hadith, according to the degree of reliability,there are three types: Weak Hadith, which have been narrated by a single narrator at a different time. (Elhabib.Z,2014). Good Hadith, which have been reported through more than one route of narration. Authentic Hadith, which have been narrated by three or more reporters in all ages. (Elhabib Z,2014 ). In this paper,…

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  • Interpretation Of Orientalism

    Q1) Interpretation is one of the most standard tools used in reading religious text. Every person has a unique thought process and mode of interpretation; when reading religious text like the Qur’an, however, this poses some consistency issues and creates conflict among believers in different interpretations. However, interpretation, regardless of conflict it may cause, is critical to the entire concept of personal faith and strengthening spiritual bonds. Hadith are a mode of interpretation…

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  • Essay On Islam In China

    means “voluntary submission to God”. Chronologically, Islam is the third Abrahamic tradition to have manifested within Medieval and Modern society, after Judaism, and Christianity. The primary foundations of the Islamic faith had been codified into Al-Qur’an, which means, “the recitation”. “Muslims believe the Qur’an is the book of divine guidance and direction for mankind and consider the Arabic text to be the final revelation of God.” “When Muhammad was forty, and concluding [his religious and…

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  • Burqah Woman

    can scold the wife if she indulges herself in extra-marital affairs. This too should be in different levels such that the husband should stop talking first, and then stop sharing the same room and then the husband can hit the woman. Scholars have explained this hitting itself that it should be such there should be not mark left behind (Bowen, 1998) This means that the hitting is not beating and promoting domestic violence. But it should be done to reprimand the bad things that have been done by…

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  • Spread Of Christianity And Islam

    carry on his mission. From the Quran “and (remember), Allah took the (holy) promise from the prophets, saying: “I give you a Book and Wisdom; Then comes to you a prophet (Muhammad), confirming what is with you; do you believe in him and render him help.” Allah said: “We agree.” He said: “Then bear witness, and I am with you among the witnesses”” (Quran 3.81). This being written in the holy Quran from god shows the importance of prophet towards Islam. In Islam today Muslims believe that the…

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  • Sharhmah Essay

    life hereafter. Ibn Ashur (d. 1907) recognized the significance of the hunman agency of man as the axle of benefecience (ṣalāḥ) and repair (iṣlāḥ), and as a tool for the preservation of order (niẓām) of the Ummah to achieve benefecience and prevent corruption (fasād). Therefore, Islam repaired the righteousness of humanity through the perfection of the members of its race; hence, if humanity [as a whole is good], the order is good, otherwise the outcome will be corruption. Maqāṣid is…

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  • Misconceptions Of Islam Essay

    supporting the new faith that was Islam and was even considered the first Muslim. Khadija was a devoted wife to Muhammad and she got him through tough times. He even credited her to being the strongest person around him. It was believe that he said in a hadith that “God Almighty never granted me anyone better in this life than her. She accepted me when people rejected me; she believed in me when people doubted me; she shared her wealth with me when people deprived me; and God granted me…

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  • The Islamic Intellectual Tradition

    These reports of his actions, known as Hadiths, spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa as Muslim political power grew. Muhammad’s Companions, who would have heard directly from him, would go on to pass reports about what Muhammad said to new converts in lands as diverse as Persia and North Africa. The Islam practiced by these Companions was generally adopted by new Muslims they were in contact with, who were known as tabi‘een (followers). These tabi‘een would then pass on the Islamic…

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  • Ibn Al Qayyim Analysis

    They should cooperate with each other. This cooperation will reward human beings with bounties which they can never enjoy independently. Ibn al-Qayyim believes in the multiplicity and diversity of human beings which necessitates cooperation and division of labour. f)Private Property and State Intervention Ibn al-Qayyim recommends state intervention in private property if individual owners use their properties against the larger interest of the society. In this connection he infers especially…

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  • Femenism In Islam

    The male legists used their own misogynistic views to interpret the scriptural text. The above Qur’anic verse was interpreted by Muslim jurist by saying a woman is half as credible as a man is, and thus should have nothing to do with anything outside of the home. In ninth century hadith, women were seen as deficient and dangerous to the community and political order. These hadiths were taken out of context in regard to Aisha’s involvement in the first fitna of Islam. The term fitna became…

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