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  • Events Of The Hippie Movement

    the first time. Hippies promoted free love as the ability to be with whomever you wish, whenever you wish; this was commonly stigmatized. They thought of love as a way to combat the societal ills of gender inequality, racial discrimination and war. The largest display of free love came in 1967 during the hippie orchestrated Summer of Love. Thousands of individuals traveled to San Francisco in order to experiment with drugs, establish new communities, and spread their practices of love with one another. The Summer of Love attracted a wide range of people of various ages to San Francisco 's Haight-Ashbury Area. Hippies tended to set up living quarters or communes within bigger cities. This neighborhood offered a concentrated gathering spot for hippies to create a social experiment, as well as easy access to like minded people and drugs such as LSD and Marijuana. Unfortunately, the Haight-Ashbury could not accommodate this rapid influx of people which resulted in the deterioration of the neighborhood. Overcrowding, homelessness, hunger, drug problems, and crime afflicted the neighborhood. October 21st, 1967 is known as one of the biggest events of the Hippie Movement. On this day 100,000 hippies, liberals, and others all peacefully marched in Washington D.C., on the Pentagon with high hopes to alleviate it. The peace was short-lived when the large mass of individuals were faced by 2,500 armed soldiers. Violence erupted immediately after. A protest followed, lasting three long…

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  • Hippie Counterculture In The 1960's

    The roots of the hippie movement can be traced back to bohemian subcultures of the 1800's, but mostly owe their inspiration to the 1950's Beat Generation, otherwise known as Beatniks or Beats***(maybe cite?). In fact, it was from the Beats that the hippies attained the name "hippie." According to Charles Perry's The Haight-Ashbury: A History, "the Beats derisively called some of them hippies (junior grade hipsters), and by default that group had started using the name itself." Thus, it appears…

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  • Hippie Influence On American Culture

    Those that stayed behind staged a mock funeral on October 6, 1967, which they named, “Death of a Hippie.” The ceremony was to signal the end of a played out scene. A funeral procession carried a coffin containing beads, bells, flowers and other hippie symbols was carried from Buena Vista Hill down the length of Haight Street Mary Kasper, who helped organized the mock funeral, explained “We wanted to signal that this was the end of it, don't come out. Stay where you are! Bring the revolution to…

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  • Essay On The Counterculture Movement

    that it actually encouraged the pursuit of pleasure and happiness rather than destruction and war. One of the areas of high hippy concentration was Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco. It was the “capital” of this alternative lifestyle. Hippies were also very into psychedelic drugs. Drugs such as marijuana and LSD were so tightly woven into the hippy lifestyle. However, most hippies stayed away from harder drugs like heroin and cocaine because they felt as if they were too harmful. Conversely, while…

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  • Vietnam War Counterculture Analysis

    However an important one was the counterculture and the peace movement and the significance it had on the morale of the population. The counterculture and peace movement had an influence on the media, pop culture and the youth managing to shift the ideas of the overall population. During the 1960s it became evident that there was a great influence of pop culture in the United States of America. A pop culture not only affecting clothing styles but political ideologies. It was in this time that…

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  • Essay On Rock And Roll

    However, in San Francisco Haight-Ashbury district started to revive an utopian: here, on the foundation of religious eclecticism grew a kind of rock-commune. "The Beatles" proclaimed again about the idea of the world love after almost a year of silence. They only identified in pure form the quintessence of all, to what others have sought, and as a result - again expressed unmistakably, the overwhelmed by young world, desire for independence and their own values and ideals. (Witmer, 14) Rock has…

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  • Hippie Movement Analysis

    As a way to peacefully protest the unjust involvement of American troops within the “Vietnamese Conflict” a movement swept the nation known as the “Hippies”. The Hippies used peaceful protest to try and spread love and express the immoral conducts of the United States government, unfortunately this peaceful movement led to violent revolts and persecution of the young adolescent protestors by the American protection services. This use of unnecessary violence and prosecution, by the American…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Charles Manson As An American Villain

    Prison had become his home, he told them. He didn’t think he could adjust to the outside world… That same day he requested and received permission to go to San Francisco. It was there, in the Haight-Ashbury section, that spring, that the Family was born” (Bugliosi 203). As an avid musician, Manson believed in what he called “Helter Skelter”, which was the equivalent of an apocalyptic race war. Manson “…thought this would cause the white community to turn against the black community, ultimately…

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  • Summary Of Hooked By Dr. Lonny Shavelson

    treatment agencies, despite asking for treatment, due to the presence of a substance use disorder which was manifest as a coping mechanism to help Darlene cope with mental health symptoms. In addition to the co-occurring disorders, Darlene preferred to live in homeless settings which created the opportunity for further stigmas. Dr. Shavelson does not indicate in the book whether trauma existed in Darlene’s past; however, it could be speculated that trauma may have existed for Darlene. The…

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  • Environmental Effects Of The Hippie Movement

    The Hippie Movement has caused a great amount of change to the environment it has surrounded, which started around Ashbury-Haight Street in San Francisco and has spread throughout the country. Eastern religion, philosophy and political beliefs caused environmentalism, which impacted environmental thinking. Brought to the minds of young people, it helped make environmentalism a mass movement in society. Many young activists created a variety of organizations, events, and campaigns that supported…

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