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  • Religion And Rituals In Islamic Religion

    Religion has played a major role in the lives of people for thousands of years by impacting the way people have acted, lived, and thought around the world. The five largest religions, Christianity (2.2 billion followers), Judaism (13 million), Hinduism (900 million), Buddhism (488 million) and Islam (2.2 billion) have all influenced the past with how their values and beliefs affect their followers. This can result in worldwide quarrels over the ‘correct’ explanation for those aiming to search…

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  • Clarification Of Abortion

    teachings, is a requirement for all Muslim’s. In addition to the sunnah, there is also there is also the hadith of Mohammed. The sunnah and hadith are different in that the sunnah are the actual acts, deeds, or sayings specifically from Mohammed, whereas the hadith are written or oral narratives of Mohammed (Baderin, 2009). Essentially, the hadith are an accepted transcription of the sunnah. One hadith specifically discusses fetal…

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  • Ethics In Islam

    individuals and communities throughout the world are constantly faced with making ethical decisions relating to their moral behaviour and actions. Some examples of ethical teachings include: “No Arab is privileged over non-Arab but by his or her conduct” (Hadith), “Believers in Allah are a single brotherhood” (Qur’an, surah 49:10) and “All humans were made by…

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  • What Is The Five Pillars Of Islam

    The book is the record of the words and deeds of Mohammed (SAW) along with his entire family and companions. Hadith is an important source of doctrine, law and practice. Hadith, although is not regarded as the spoken word of Allah like in the Quran. Practices of Islam There are five pillars of Islam which means there are 5 acts of Islam which is mandatory and is the foundation and framework…

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  • Bay Al Dayn Case Study

    [it] between you in justice”. According to al-Jassas, the word al-dayn include all types of debt contract and its permissible based on deferred. This verse stated that the important to write it down to all the debt transaction. The word al-dayn in hadith can be divided by two interpretation. First is general understanding to encompass any liability that must be performed notwithstanding whether the dayn relates to property like debt of a debtor to a creditor, or not, like liability of a person…

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  • Islam: What Is The Hijab?

    To evaluate this Hadith we need to be able to fully acknowledge the meaning of the word modesty. Modesty in Arabic is the word haya which is derived from the word hayat. Hayat has many connotations, some of which are self-respect, virtue, humbleness, reticence and so forth…

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  • Aisha Bint Abu Bakr Essay

    All of the information available on Aisha, whether in the Quran, in Shia hadith like this, or in Sunni hadith, comes from male interlocutors. What’s more, the commentators who incorporate these points into their rhetoric have also been, and continue to be, mostly men. While Aisha is hardly alone in having her memory co-opted by men, hers is…

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  • Islam Theological Analysis

    This is a book that is considered as the holy book and as the overall word of God showing Gods revelation to man as reveled to the prophet of humanity called Muhammad over a period of 23 years through Jibril, a prophet of God (Veninga, 2014). The Hadith are the second after the Qur’an. They put down the actions, teachings and rulings of Mohammed as conveyed by his early partners. They…

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  • Islam: What Is The Ideology Of Daesh?

    and philosopher have been debating about the morality and political philosophy in Islam and it is not very unclear. It’s based on Quran, Hadith, and Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence). Many Islamic scholars have argued that political theory of Islam did not exist as independent disciplines in Islam. Islamic political philosophy is in addition to Quranic exegesis, hadith, theology, ethics, historiography and philosophical works. The theory includes contemporary thinkers who argue for an Islamic state…

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  • The Islamic Faith

    the same outlook on the afterlife as the Radical Islam sects. They see it more as a rebirth into heaven. Many Muslims do not recognize many hadiths because they feel they do not represent the word of Allah. Some Hadiths state that there are grand rewards for any Muslim who dies in honor of Allah. The famous 72 virgins in heaven as a reward comes from a Hadith that is not recognized by most Islamic groups, but used to recruit for suicide mission of radical Islam sects. My first article I believe…

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