Hafez al-Assad

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  • Hafez Assad Research Paper

    Hafez Al-Assad father of present day Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad was born on October 6, 1930 ("Hafez Al-Assad"). He was born into a Alawite family and lived in Syria. As he grew older and was able to understand politics a little better he joined the Ba'ath Party in Syria as an activist. Furthermore, he enrolled in the Homs Military Academy and graduated as a pilot. In the conclusion of these amateur events he stepped his foot directly into the political field by forming a committee to resurrect fortunes of the Ba’ath Party. A corrupt election process and militaristic ideals allowed for Hafez al-Assad to gain and exercise control over Syria for over 20 years. Hafez Al-Assad began to gain power after the Baath Party regime ended in 1970. Hafez obtained popularity and control through the bloodless coup, which was “...an overthrowing of a government without violence...”("Bloodless Coup”). Soon after, Assad wanted to test Israel and to reduce Syria’s independence from the Soviet Union. Futhermore, Assad was becoming to be well liked after Syria’s Arab oil boom. Syria grew very rich very fast during the boom of oil in the middle east. Hafez again gained support when he attacked Israel in the Golan Heights in October 1973, which started the Yom Kippur War ("Hafez Al-Assad”). The…

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  • Syrian Government

    of a country reflects the role of a totalitarian government. Syria has become a divided country because the president, Bashar al-Assad, has done little to nothing to unify and help his people. There has been an emergence of an ethnical divide to overthrow the government because the majority of the country—Sunnis—wants a democracy, while the opposing side—Shiites—is staying loyal to Bashar and the government. The downfall of the country is not only affecting the people from within, but it has…

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  • Yong's Song Analysis Essay

    Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young wrote music that depicted current events of their time. The focus of each song was to expose excessive use of power by authority. Yong’s Song written in response to the actions of Ohio’s National Guard who used excessive force to stop a protest demonstration ending in the deaths of 4 Kent State students. Protesters were against President Nixon’s order to invade Cambodia. The students represented the faces and lives of Vietnamese citizens which sparked…

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  • Arab Spring: The Egyptian Revolution

    "There is nothing permanent in life except change. - Heraclitus" Nowadays, the Arab world in the Middle East is undergoing enormous change. Those changes, known as the Arab Spring, have resulted in a new outlook in many countries, like Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, and Libya. Recently, people living in Egypt, for example, made it their life’s goal to speak up against the corruption of their government or die trying. In fact, according to an Amnesty International report, during the protests of 2012…

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  • Soccer Observation Report

    I. Conclusion Yes, soccer can be a very dangerous sports! After doing my research, reading, and observing about all the violent cases in soccer, I have come to the conclusion that the sport itself can be a very dangerous thing to play and cheer for. The violence in soccer has become an impossible thing to manage and even avoid in getting between. For example; In the year of 2014 I had a near experience with soccer violence between torcidas organizadas myself. I was watching the soccer match…

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  • Examples Of Non Conformity

    Conformity vs. Non-Conformity In the words of Ashley Smith, a writer for socialistworker.org, “do you support dictatorship vs. democracy or Bashar Al Assad’s brutal regime?” Conformity is behavior in accordance with socially accepted standards. Although conformity seems like such a simple concept, it can sometimes create and cause a situation to be much more complicated. Both, the Syrian Revolution of 2011 and the Revolution of Animal farm, have been examples of conformity and how…

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  • The Humanitarian Crisis In Syria

    The mounting civilian casualties in Syria and the displacement of over 6 million Syrians –with prospects of both more casualties and more displacement – make this the most daunting humanitarian crisis facing the world today. Syria is a West Asian country, a region in which the Muslim populace predominates. The problems in Syria began in 2011 as a peaceful protest but quickly rose into an armed civil conflict which has cost the lives of 100,000 people and forced over two million to flee to the…

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  • The Effect Of Oil Exports In Venezuela

    agreed to cut down their oil productions only if Russia stops aiding the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. “If oil can serve to bring peace in Syria, I don’t see how Saudi Arabia would back away from trying to reach a deal.” (Cunningham) If there any signs of Russia’s support weakening for the Syrian president this could be the uproar in the oil market making an impact on global statecraft. Russia does not want to let go of Syria because Russia wants to get rid of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Refugees Research Paper

    where countless people have been forcibly removed from their own homes and no safe place to go. This tragic a is a reality for the millions of refugees desperately fleeing Syria in search of someplace safe. With supplies dwindling and the countries bordering Syria filling up with refugees they cannot hope to support, something must be done to assist the refugees. Therefore, the United States should allow refugees to seek asylum because they face life threatening conditions, sexual assault, have…

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  • The Role Of The Assad Regime In The Syrian Civil War

    thus fighting them at times. This causes much confusion and makes it difficult to decide who the real enemy is. The United States and Russia both play large roles in the civil war going on. Russia sees the Assad Regime as the legitimate power of the state. Russia’s tactics to end the war is to aide the regime with military support. Bombings of Free Syrian Army grounds has been the strongest impact the Russians have had on the war. This ideology is contrary to the United States view of the war.…

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