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  • Value Management Case Study: Qingdao Haier

    Qingdao Haier is the main part of the Haier Group. The Haier Group, founded in 1984 and is currently headquartered in Qingdao, China (Marketline, 2015). Haier is the leading brand of white appliances globally and is the world’s fourth largest home appliance manufacturer. In China, it is the most valuable brand. Additionally, it is an international business with 5 R&D centers, 21 industrial parks, 66 trading companies, and customers across 100 countries and regions (Haier, 2016). As for Qingdao Haier, it specifically operates out of 10 global locations distributed across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Africa. Currently they employ approximately 70,000 employees (Marketline, 2015). Below are some key facts about Qingdao…

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  • Haier Case

    1. Characterize Haier and its industry. Haier’s is a China-based multinational company specializing in the production of home appliances and consumer electronics was at first settled in 1984 as a Qingdao Refrigerator CO., in Qingdao, China (Haier, 2015). They are the third-biggest maker of home appliances and consumer electronics in the world and first in China. With their high quality of products, they have a great brand reputation and product differentiation. This is most vital variable to…

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  • Haier Case Study

    In 1984, Haier Group was founded in Qingdao. At that time, Chinese household appliance industry was still in the exploration period and Haier was no exception. Shortly after Haier was established, it was just a small manufacturing company and its main business was selling refrigerators. However, through an explosive growth between 1998 and 2005, Haier’s sales network spread over 100 countries and regions by selling diversified home appliances. Haier was able to move to international markets from…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Geography Of Italy

    partnership in Italy are failure because of business’s culture and management difference. The successful example of FDI is Haier Company. Haier Company invest Italy before 2010, it is the leader of industry in Italy. Haier open a new branch office in Europe, set up R&D center, and expand new sales channels. It attracts many Italian costumes through research, and designs the new products to catch local people. The new products enhance the ability to grasp the consumer demand for Haier Company.…

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  • The Brain In El Cambino

    It is important to mention that only six out of the forty areas studied were common to the three studies (Hunt, 2011, p.188). On the other hand, Professor Richard Haier reviewed studies and found a correlation between the volume of some brain areas and intelligence. Again, there was only one area, the left inferior parietal lobe, common to the 50% of the studies revised (Hunt, 2011,…

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  • Strategic Management Vs Managerial Success

    company will realize small incremental ideas that will lead to the discovery of a breakthrough innovation. For illustration, the company could embark on a continuous improvement process to develop wash machines that are more efficient by saving water, to ones that are lighter or smaller that require less parts, to a breakthrough item such as waterless machine (if possible). Of course in reality, if there is a customer demand for this type of product, additional revenues could be obtained. Haier…

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  • Brain And Intelligence Relationship

    proposed by Haier and colleagues in 1988. Moreover, several researchers groups showed that fewer brain areas were activated by the more skilled. So, according to the relation among brain size and intelligence and to the more efficient hypothesis, intelligence is related with more efficient and with larger brains. The plasticity of the brain allows it to modify itself during its development. After 3 months of practice in a complex spatial task; practice evoked structural changes in the superior…

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  • Multinatinal Corporation Case Study

    easily find resources to determin the strategic direction of the companies. But there is an abundance ,such as on the budget airline sector which is useful for exploring the strategic choice concepts and principles. But such studies draw on Porter’s strategic typologies are rare, since its within the domain and leaves an immense potential for future study. The reason of Chinese enterprise internationalization According to domestic and foreign motivation, the study of enterprise…

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  • Sharon Begley Mapping The Mind Analysis

    current when action potential occurs and that electrical current influences magnetic fields. For example, memories of people is located in a certain section of the brain, and memories of objects are located in a totally different section. Additionally, the SQUID device helped scientists discover that a person’s brain is structurally set up like a keyboard when they hear a tone (Begley 1992). With the help of these technologies or devices, neuroscientists were able to understand intelligence and…

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  • Electoral Volatility In Democracy

    candidate who running for leadership correctly the consequence will be careless decisions that will not only effect the leader and the image he holds as a bad one but as well as the community. Executives who have information suggesting that a policy that has popular votes do or do not pander to voters by choosing it under the conditions, the executive can have a better chance of reelection. As shown, this means a leader is might be ruined by the people and if the people want to vote him out,…

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