Brain And Intelligence Relationship

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Intelligence and the brain are two concepts interconnected. This connection is related to the fact that intelligence is expressed by the actions carried out by the brain. So, the brain activity produces every expression of intelligence.
As the activity of the brain is so crucial for the expression of intelligence, it’s important to mention two facts.
First, the actions performed by the brain in a particular situation rely on the history and the structure of the brain. In elation with this first fact we know that genes and genetic differences influence regional brain structures. Genetic maps revealed how genes contribute to individual differences: specially influencing Broca’s and Wernicke´s areas, as well as the frontal lobe.
Secondly, the
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This mechanism is a functional neuroimaging technique for mapping brain activity based on the magnetic fields produced in the brain.
Once we know that intelligence and the brain are related and we know some knowledge about the study of intelligence, we can start describing some information about the studies of the brain-intelligence association.
One of the result found when studying the relation between brain and intelligence is that the size of the brain and intelligence are associated. A meta-analytical review (Mcdaniel, 2005) in 2004 concluded that the correlation between IQ score and brain size is greater than 0.33. This relation is primarily based on the gray matter’s density what demonstrate that the local connections in different areas of the brain is crucial. However it’s also based on the density of white matter.
Although this brain size-intelligence correlation is smaller, it is still being a correlation. From an evolutionary and from a cross-species point of view, this correlation is
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That association is supported by the study of Luders and colleagues (Luders et al., 2009). They found a correlation between intelligence and cortical density’s measures. Results of subsequent studies showed that the correlation between the general index of intelligence and some areas of the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the cingulate gyrus and the limbic system were highest. Nevertheless, these subsequent studies didn’t agree about the exact location of the activity within those wide brain

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