Hagia Sophia

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  • Justinian's Hagia Sophia

    The church has undergone many reconstructions throughout the years. Over three churches were rebuilt in that spot until Justinian created Hagia Sophia and that is what is there to this day. Justinian is definitely in a place to be honored for the greatness that he accomplished. He set an example for others that greatness could be achieved and to be proud of their religion. He built Hagia Sophia to let others understand the superiority of Christianity by building an immense church with a harmonious and celestial feeling. Hagia Sophia was originally destined to be a Christian church but was turned into a mosque and was used for the same purpose. Even though both religions have different ideals they have to realize that they are not that different after all. Their love for their God and for what He’s done has brought them to share the same feelings and even use the same church. Hagia Sophia was used as a precedent for other mosques because of the grandiose features the dome brought to the mosque, a completely different sense of the unity of heaven and earth. Hagia Sophia was built to show the…

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  • Justinian's Legacy

    Primarily, Justinian built means of protection for his people; he rebuilt city walls and constructed forts and places of refuge for the victims of barbarian raids. Justinian also created colonnaded streets, baths, city squares, roads, and monuments for the enjoyment of his people. In the past he had constructed aqueducts and conduits but they were quite far from Constantinople, which was often subject to either a lack of water or, when there were floods, an abundance of water, so flood control…

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  • Christian Influence On Byzantine Art

    closely followed the Early Christian art, just as in the Early Christian art manuscript painting was an important art form, during Early Byzantine era. For example, figure 9-17 Crucifixion and resurrection, Rabbula Gospels, the manuscript showed Christ being risen from the tomb, while surrounded by mandorla. Although Mary was not mentioned in the gospels as being a witness of Christ ascension, she played an important role in the medieval art, both in the East and in the West. Another example of…

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  • Cinderella's Sister

    die as a ruler or die hiding and lose his significance. At the end of her short speech, she said, “As for me, I like the old saying, that purple is the noblest shroud.” She meant she was not going to die any other way than being a queen. The men were silent upon hearing this and decided she was right. Justinian and Belisarius, a general, deceived the Blues and Greens and gathered them in the Hippodrome. They killed them, around 30,000 men, and saved the empire. Theodora was courageous and saved…

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  • American Mosaic Vs Italian Mosaic Essay

    The period of Medieval Art has many sub categories, one of which is Byzantine art, which originally spawned from Greek and Roman styles. During the medieval times artworks such as paintings and sculptures in the round were no longer being created, so the arts of the time were often mosaics (on the interior walls of churches), manuscripts in richly decorated bibles and architecture. Mosaics, specifically, changed over this period. Transforming from the classical style of the Greeks and Romans,…

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  • Visual Ideas In Creating Art

    Creating art is, as some say, the indication of mystery in excellence or God; it is a diversion in which man lets off an overabundance of steam [stored energy]; otherwise it is the outflow of feelings by man’s psyche, and most of all; it is pleasure; however, considering everything, it is a method of social unity amongst mankind; consoling them in similar feelings and forever extending the shared common visual language of the world. Through new visual ideas introduced by artists, categories of…

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  • The Different Side Of Events In Procopius's The Secret History

    The Secret History was written by Procopius during his lifetime, but after his other works. This was a work written for himself and close friends, which he never intended to publish. The Secret History shows a different side to the events that happened in the Byzantine Empire. This book shows a different side to many different, well know rulers in Byzantine. Procopius portrays Antonina to be a very scandalous person with very little morals who would cheat on her husband every chance she got.…

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  • Honor And WTCH Response: Hagia Sophia/Byzantine Empire

    & ISLAM Response 1: Hagia Sophia / Byzantine Empire From its grand beginnings, as the “seat of Christianity” at the start of Constantinople, the Hagia Sophia has seen many faiths, as well as tragedies. After the Hagia Sophia’s first mysterious destruction, it was rebuilt by Constantine’s son, Constantinius II in 360 CE to serve as magnificent cathedral for the city. Again in 532 CE the Haiga Sophia was destroyed, and again rebuilt, this time by Emperor Justinian, into the structure that still…

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  • Short Story: The Academy Of Music Opera Home

    The red seats were in a perfect line all the way down the aisles of the theatre, and they lead right up to that beautiful stage. They were finally there, The Academy of Music Opera House in Philadelphia. This was the place Eleanor always dreamed of playing at, and she was finally there, along with her whole family, Mom, Dad, and her beloved little sister, Sophia. They were on a family vacation to Pennsylvania, and although Eleanor was only 14 all she wanted to do was visit this famous opera…

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  • Cineplex Case Study

    S w 9B08A008 CINEPLEX ENTERTAINMENT: THE LOYALTY PROGRAM Renée Zatzman wrote this case under the supervision of Professor Kenneth G. Hardy solely to provide material for class discussion. The authors do not intend to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a managerial situation. The authors may have disguised certain names and other identifying information to protect confidentiality. Ivey Management Services prohibits any form of reproduction, storage or transmittal…

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