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  • Abraham Character Analysis

    to see if it was him who could not bring about the child, “Her challenge is implicit: Let’s see if you can be built up through her, buster. And Abraham rises to the bait.” (Visotzky, 45) It is seen very soon after that Abraham has no problem bringing a child into the world because Hagar is pregnant. If this would be the true motive behind the act then it would now be clear as to why Sarah is so upset with Hagar, and it would also make sense as to why Hagar looks upon Sarah as her lesser because she cannot bear children for her family. This is only one of the alternative ways of thinking about the story that Visotzky forms. Another way that Visotzky looks upon this situation is that Hagar may actually be Abraham’s mistress. Visotzky explains the scenario by saying, “Is it possible that patriarch Abraham had known Hagar now for years? A young mistress, as it were, to complement his older, barren wife? (Visotzky, 46) Could’ve Abraham been behind the whole act all along and just waiting for an excuse to sleep to sleep with Hagar? The answer to that question could be yes, because it would bring more clarity to why Abraham was so eager to sleep with Hagar. When Abraham is asked by Sarah to sleep with Hagar he shows no signs of hesitation, and maybe this explanation is the answer as to why his decision was so fast. Visotzky’s model is full of different interpretations and ways at looking at the actions of Abraham. These alternative ways of thinking allow the reader…

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  • Summary: The Great Galatian Debate

    This is what Paul is doing in much of Chapter 4. He restates his point about good works verses faith by employing the story of Hagar and Sarah as an allegory for slavery to and freedom from the Law. As a refresher for what was covered last week, watch this video about the debate between faith vs. good works as the path to salvation. Video Follow-up questions: • What is the result of good works alone? What is the result of grace, or faith, alone? • Which argument makes more sense, Paul’s about…

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  • Genesis 16: 1-21 Analysis

    Hagar’s evolving narratives in Genesis 16:1-15 and 21:8-21 raises the following questions: “What is the relationship of creation and communities of faith to God?” “And what are the implications of Hagar’s narrative in communities that have suffered and are broken?” Preceding the narrative of Hagar in Genesis 16 is the fundamental problem that sets into motion a chain of events.…

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  • Poem Analysis: Begin At Home

    approaching him. Abraham prepares a meal for them. He runs to the tent to tell Sarah to prepare cakes. In verse nine the men ask about Sarah and make their birth announcement. The narrator tells us that Sarah is inside the tent listening and that she laughs to herself. The Lord asks why she is laughing and Sarah denies that she laughed. The author shows Abraham and Sarah as hospitable people. They make a feast in the heat of the day for three men. The author is winning over the…

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  • Hagar And Shariah Analysis

    story of Hagar and Sarah is interpreted in a variety of ways depending on the biases and viewpoints of the interpreter. Biblical interpretations will vary based on what the interpreters are essentially interpreting for in the passage, which could be factors such as feminism, race, and social/economic status among others. Pertaining to the story of Hagar and Sarah, feminist interpreters say Hagar and Sarah are symbols of exploitation of women throughout the ages. Feminist/female interpretations…

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  • Sarah And Hagar Reflect The Legal Norms

    In the readings, Shared Stories and Rival Tellings, the stories of Sarah and Hagar represent and reflect the legal norms regarding women in the Qur’an. It appears, the main objective of God is to defend the honor and reputation of Abraham, leaving the women subject to the expense of this. In Sarah and Hagar, the women are used to satisfy the desires of both God and Abraham, whom treat the women with carelessness and forcefulness. This overarching theme of Sarah and Hagar, reflects the Qur’an’s…

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  • Allegorical Interpretation Of Hagar And Sarah

    To Paul, being perfected in collective identity was a poor substitute to being made free in Christ. In the following passage, Paul makes an allegorical interpretation of the story of Hagar and Sarah. One of the sons are described as the son according to the σάρξ, and the other as the son of promise (4.21-30). The peculiar perspective in Paul’s account of the story is that the only persecution that occurs in the text is the persecution against Hagar and her son, not as commonly assumed against…

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  • Islamic Hagar And Her Family Analysis

    The strength of Hagar shines to the forefront of Islam in Riffat Hassan’s piece “Islamic Hagar and Her Family.” In this piece, Hassan takes a feminist hermeneutic on the subject and puts the importance of females in Islam to question. She understands these women as important, but strives towards a more powerful basis in which an individual can truly understand the influence they can have. The Qur’an presents itself as a majority male dominated piece, in which either Sarah or Hagar never…

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  • Hagar Shipley's Essay: Perception Vs. Reality

    at that said time. We can perceive past events differently based on our feelings at the time. Whereas in reality the events may be different. For Hagar Shipley, her stubborn, and prideful attitude has had a detrimental effect on how she remembers her past life events and is why she regularly turns a blind eye toward the truth. The characters of Marvin, John, and her father Jason Currie are all exemplifications of how Hagar’s perception of them isn’t the reality On many occasions, Hagar’s memory…

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  • Apollo 1 Failure

    On Wednesday, November 30th, Richard Hagar discussed his time as an engineer for the NASA Apollo projects. During NASA’S heyday, Mr. Hagar moved to Florida to work at the Kennedy Space center. As a spacecraft operator, he had an important role in developing, repairing, and modifying each of the Apollo missions. Throughout his endeavors, Mr. Hagar has seen Apollo 1’s failure, helped NASA problem solve through issues,, and helped rescue the astronauts on the Apollo 13 mission. Though the highly…

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