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  • Islam And Christianity Worship The Same God Essay

    Do Islam, Judaism, and Christianity worship the same God? Often enough a great question, very much debated is asked of Islamic, Judaism, and Christian religions. The question asked is if Islam, Judaism, and Christianity worship the same God. Some people will say of course they do, while others will totally disagree. The best way to come to some sort of a conclusion is to compare and contrast the religions and examine their history. Abraham’s Beginnings of Religions All hail Abraham! When looking at the fact that all three religions trace back to Abraham the answer to the question of the religions worshiping the same God is yes. In the book of Genesis 17:5 God says to Abram, “No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be…

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  • Gods And Goddesses: Similarities Of Hinduism And Christianity

    God vs gods and goddesses Mahatma Gandhi once said that he was a Hindu, but he said that he was also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew and he ended the quote by saying that we all are. And that got me thinking about how can Gandhi and I and everyone else, believe in all of those religions? How are we all a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and a Jew? To figure out the meaning behind this quote I focused on only two religions. I will be comparing and contrasting Hinduism and…

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  • Christianity Of God Research Paper

    The God-Man The deity of Christ is something that people have been questioning for centuries. How should the Christian of today respond to these questions? Was Jesus truly God or just a great man? Also if Jesus is God does that mean there is more than one God? How can they both be God? People have had many thought about who Jesus is. Some call Him a prophet, some a good man. This question is not a new one; was Jesus truly one with God? We even see examples in scripture. In Luke 9: and he(Jesus)…

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  • Christianity And Islam Worship The Same God Essay

    Christians and Muslims worship the same God. This controversy still continues today, and both sides present very informative arguments. It is important to make clear that if one does argue that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, it does not mean they believe that both religions are the same. Many people on the side that Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God will argue that although both religions worship one God, the God they worship different vastly. While those on the…

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  • Simply Christianity: Why God Intends For The Kingdom Of The World

    Wright, in his book Simply Christian: Why Christianity Exists, argues that God has no intention of “abandoning this world”, instead God has a glorious “rescue operation” planned, raising “all His people to new bodily life to live in it”. (Wright 58) God has begun this magnificent rescue operation utilizing Israel, the Church, and Jesus to complete his plan. Through these three, Wright believes that God intends for the “kingdom of the world to become kingdom of God” in which “the beauty of this…

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  • St. Patrick Informative Speech Essay

    Patrick and his journeys. Some of these include, when he was taken to Ireland at the age of sixteen, the meaning behind the clover and how he used it to show God the Father, God the Son,…

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  • Relationship Between God And Jesus Research Paper

    a discussion about our need to turn our nation back to God, we must address the relationship between God and the person of Jesus Christ. The Bible is clear that Jesus is God’s only begotten Son. I believe this to be fact. Jesus, however, is also God. I know this is a tough concept to grasp. How can Jesus be God if He is also the Son of God? First and foremost, we cannot attempt to constrain God to the laws of physics that we are subject to. He created these laws and by such, He operates…

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  • Importance Of A Successful Career

    Informal sector career involve those that may not necessarily demand any academic qualification but most often are determined by skills, gifts and talents coupled with some form of training that may not be set in any form of orthodox classroom settings. The most central item of a career is that it confers economic benefits on the person, meaning that the person derives income from such endeavour. Some Biblical truths concerning Mankind Especially God’s Children God’s purpose for your life is…

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  • Doukhobors Background

    Doukhobors background: Doukhobors were/are a peasant, religious group that are German speaking Russians which origin is unclear (hard to know when they were originally created). The Doukhobors rejected church and instead practised an easier form of the christian religion, that speaked in psalms and hymns instead of using the bible and called it the Living Book. They did this because they believed that god is in each human being is unnecessary to have a church for that reason. At meeting the…

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  • Unemployed College Students

    What happened to good ole customer service? Do you remember when anxious customers would approach a retailer’s service counter and they were greeted with a contagious smile or a salutation like this, “Hello, may I help you?” This friendly gesture would open a delightful pathway to a customer’s immediate response. My friend, when we surrender our lives to God through Jesus…

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