Islam And Christianity Worship The Same God Essay

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Do Islam, Judaism, and Christianity worship the same God?
Often enough a great question, very much debated is asked of Islamic, Judaism, and Christian religions. The question asked is if Islam, Judaism, and Christianity worship the same God. Some people will say of course they do, while others will totally disagree. The best way to come to some sort of a conclusion is to compare and contrast the religions and examine their history.
Abraham’s Beginnings of Religions
All hail Abraham! When looking at the fact that all three religions trace back to Abraham the answer to the question of the religions worshiping the same God is yes. In the book of Genesis 17:5 God says to Abram, “No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be
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The son by his wife’s servant was named Ishmael and the son by his wife was name Isaac. And so the two great lines of Abraham began: the line of Isaac through which the twelve tribes of Israel and the Jewish people, including Jesus, would be born, and the line of Ishmael, through which twelve princes were born and, eventually, the Muslim prophet Muhammad. While the timelines and intermediaries are different, all three religions trace their origins back to Abraham and the God who spoke to and blessed him. There it is, there is the truth (Moore).
How Does Each Religion View God?
Sure the truth lies in the scriptures tracing Islam, Judaism, and Christianity back to Abraham, but how do the religions view God? Who is God to each religion? There are many similarities between how each religion view God and who each think he is, but there are key significant differences that define each religions view of God which will make the answer to the question do the religions serve the same God as no. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all agree that there is only one God, and that he is eternal and transcendent. However, those of the Christian faith believe in the doctrine of the Trinity which is the teaching

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