Comparison Of Two Religions: Christianity Vs. Islam

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Christianity vs. Islam The religions Christianity and Islam both share many differences. With both of these religions emerging from the Middle East, they have created a great impact on this world. Like most religions, they both claim to be the one true way to God. Their differences include their view on Jesus, how the religion had originated, and also their practices. We can see their differences in their teachings and how their members apply it to their everyday lives. In both of these religions come different views on how Jesus is portrayed and what importance he holds. For Christians, they take their information of Jesus through the bible, which includes the Old and New Testament. Christians know him to be the redeemer and savior to heal their sins. Also, they consider him to be a part of the Godhead trinity. Muslims on the other hand do not consider him as divine but just a regular human that was here on earth …show more content…
For Christians, they believe that through Adam we will always have that sinful nature. That the sin that Adam committed will be placed upon all of us, and the rightful way to correct that is if we accept Christ as the savior. For Muslims, they do not believe in this concept. They believe there is no original sin and that we don’t have sinful natures. Everyone is considered sinless until they decide to rebel against God.
Although some principles may be the same, Islam and Christianity share some many different characteristics within the religion. Both originating from the same area, we can examine how great differences can occur with the powerful prophets of old times. Both of these religions share their differences on their views of Jesus, how each of them originated, and their personal practices. Examining these differences makes us better understand why these two religions became their own and why each of them often disagree with one

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