What Are The Similarities Between Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

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There are a ton of religions around the world filled with cultures, musics, and architectures.
Most people have their own religion to believe in God or Gods and some of them are Atheists that they don’t believe in any God. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religion that they believe in one God. Three religions are the most popular religions that everyone got familiar with it. They all believe that universe is created by God, the highest leader of their religion. Each one have the holy book that believed it was words from the God and have rules that it is forbidden or not. To better understand these religions, there will be differences and similarities in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Judaism is the oldest religion that
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Christians follow the holy book called The Bible and believe that Jesus is the son of the God. They believe that God allowed Jesus to born as a human so he can forgive people who did sins and said to his people, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”. Judaism and Christianity are similar because Jesus used Ten Commandments which God gave to Moses. Every Sunday, most Christians goes to the church to pray God and listen to the Bible that Priest always read and explaining to them. They believed in eternal afterlife which it is Hell or Heaven so they have to do salvations which are belief in God, sacraments, and doing good deeds to earn the Gates of Heaven. Christianity have three groups; Orthodox, Protestant and Roman Catholic which it is interesting because each group have different minor …show more content…
The most important is that Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in one God. They also believe in the holy book that have laws and texts from the God. Each of the religion have their own different beliefs and didn’t have same text in the holy book, but it does have a little similar like Jews and Christians believed in The Ten Commandants or Christians and Muslims believed in afterlife; Heaven and Hell. It was interesting that Jews and Muslims didn’t have any similar in prayers or in holy book except believe in one God. These religions were passed down from generations to generations to keep their religion alive. Everybody have their own right to choose what they believe or who they believe, but it is best for them to understand the

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