Essay On Similarities Between Judaism And Christianity

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The world three important religions; Islam, Christianity and Judaism are often debated for their competing and differentiated doctrines and beliefs system. However, this essay argues that there are more similarities between these religions than differences. In order to understand the similarities and differences between these religions, it is important to know about their basic belief system.
Islam is a religion, which emerged in the 7th century and the followers of Islam are known as Muslims. Muslims follow the teachings of Quran and Sunnah (way of life) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The main doctrine of Islam is the belief in Allah (God), Angels, past Prophets, day of Judgment, predestination and lastly but not the least the revelations
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The places where Christianity and Judaism or Jewish religion originated can be traced back to the present day Israel. The followers of all of these regions believe that their God had sent prophets with divine doctrines for all human beings. The prophets communicated the commands and messages from God to their people. The religious books of Islam, Christianity and Judaism religions share many of the common stories of the past and other prophets of their time. The holy book of Jewish religion is known is the Torah, which is much similar in contents to the old testament of the Bible (the Christians holy …show more content…
In today’s circumstances, where interreligious harmony is at stake, and conflicts are mostly based on religious differences, the comparative study of different religions will reduce disharmony among believers of different religions. I choose this topic because I wanted to unveil some of the important similarities among Christianity, Islam and Judaism.
The main theme of this paper is to review literature to show the similarities and differences between Islam, Christianity and Jewish religions, in order to boost reconciliation efforts among these three religions. The paper finds that a similarity overweighs differences among Islam, Christianity and Jewish religions. It suggests that immediate and serious research is required to relook into the holy scriptures of these religions to further find answers to the prevailing differences among these religions, so that the followers of all the three religions are brought

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