Old Testament: Similarities Between Judaism And Christianity

Christianity and Judaism while they are two different religions also have some very similar concepts. They both believe in the same God, they believe that there is only one God, they both believe in and study the Old Testament, as well as other common themes in both religions. Some of these similarities are due to the fact that “Christianity began as a sect of Judaism in the first century C.E.”(Hopfe, pg. 203). But Christianity and Judaism have some vast differences as well. Throughout this paper I will be discussing the differences between Christianity and Judaism, as well as some of the similarities that they share.
One of the biggest differences between Judaism and Christianity is that in Judaism, they do not believe that their savior has come yet, unlike Christians who believe that their savior was/is Jesus. In Christianity, they believe that God sent his son Jesus down to Earth to live in human form, and to teach people how God wished for them to live their lives in order to join him in Heaven one day. But Jews believe that Jesus was a false prophet, and
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Some of the similarities include: that they both believe in the same God, they both believe in a study the Old Testament, and that they both have various divisions in both religions. Some of the differences in the two religions include: Christians believe that their savior (Jesus) has come and died so that they may live a sin free life while Jews believe that their savior has not come yet, both religions have different holidays and do not share any of the same holidays, and in Judaism they have Bat and Bar Mitzvahs while in Christianity they have Baptisms. Despite their similarities and their differences, Christianity owes much of their beliefs to Judaism, and that is what I find so interesting about the two

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