Creation Stories In Christianity And Judaism

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There are many creation stories, each unique to a particular religion and as a result they vary in many ways depending on the religions particular faith, beliefs and views. The hypothesis that will be explored is, the two Abrahamic religions Christianity and Judaism withhold a broad spectrum of beliefs and subsequently interpret the origin stories in both similar ways, influencing their world views. Subsequently, it is evident that due to their beliefs and ideologies regarding the two origin stories and world views, conservative Christians and Orthodox Jews live a stewardship way of life.

There are a broad spectrum of attitudes and beliefs within Christianity and Judaism which lie within the individual beliefs of a person within the religion.
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It more accurately reflects liberal Christians and cultural Jew’s. The two genesis creation stories initially originate and come from the Jewish religion which later were adopted by Chstistianity and both can be sourced from sacred religious texts. As there are two creation stories, this can have a significant impact on both Christians and Jews. The discrepancy of the two stories is what contributes to the induvial beliefs within the two religions and their personal world views (Wayne Jackson, n.d).
There are two origin stories which branch initially from Judaism. There are two distinctive histories of Israel, one in the book of Samuel and one in the book of Kings and the other Chronicles, along with four distinct telling of the story of Jesus. This is a result of the two creation stories originating from two different geographical locations in Israel. The north kingdom of Israel and the south kingdom of Judah (Enns,
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Especially regarding the creation stories, genesis one and two, which both of the religions believe and refer to. However, as there are differing beliefs within the two religions it is extremely clear that conservative Christians and Orthodox Jews have a stronger belief in the first genesis story opposed to liberal Christians and cultural Jews which have more open views. As a result of this, conservative Christians and Orthodox Jews have similar world views and ideologies, living a stewardship way of living and

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